Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Signs of Summer in the Midwest

Summer has decided to return in full force here in the Midwest. Last week the temperatures felt more Fall like to me. Windows were open fresh breezes blew through the curtains, summer evenings were spent enjoying the creatures talk in the woods. Today they say we should have a heat index of close to a 110, that my friends is a little on the warm side. It's no secret I love my front porch, the view is incredible, the serene feeling I get is hard to explain. This past weekend they came in a baled the hay it's always a welcome sight to me when they're finished, this is my view right now.
 Each bale
rolled tightly ready for transport to feed the cows all winter long. Fingers crossed we don't have a winter like last.
 As I stood on the porch many yards away I was able to capture another visitor.

 I can't say he/she was the prettiest of visitors I can say one of the most unique. You do have to admit he/she's feathers are incredibly beautiful.

 I am truly blessed to walk out my front door to this view each day. This evening will be spent on the front porch with the ceiling fans spinning, Miss Scooter by my side and a cool refreshing drink. Where will you be this evening?
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 Fondly ~ Lynne ~


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Don't know what the heat index was here today, but it was very hot and humid. This evening will be inside to say clear of he mosquitoes.
Enjoy your evening.

Sue said...

So very peaceful and beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

Alycia Nichols said...

I wonder if people who have never visited the Midwest have a true understanding of its natural wonders? I think it's beautiful here, especially around harvest time. There's just something about it that is unmistakably Midwestern! As for that buzzard, you can keep him! :-) I see a lot of hawks while traveling down to Pittsburg, KS or up to Maryville, MO, but buzzards are a rarity...thank goodness!

Gearing up for the blistering hot weather tomorrow. High of 99, I think they said. Ick! I went to the grocery today to get stocked up so that I don't have to leave the house for anything this entire weekend!!!

Stay cool and have a beautiful Friday!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi sweet girl! Probably pretty much the same thing as you did..but with a view of my neighbors home across the street. You are right..you are fortunate to have such a lovely view! :)

Pat said...

Life on the Prairie has many "unique" blessings, indeed, dear friend!!!
"Mr. Ed" (aka Farmer Boy) loves the smell of freshly mowed hay!
It makes me sneeze!
We are in the triple digits here on our side of the Prairie,
so our afternoons are spent in the lower level of our home
where it's always 10 ~ 15 degrees cooler!
Thankks for sharing one of lifes simple pleasures!!!

Balista said...

stunning pictures.
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Bonnie said...

Beautiful and restful. Hoping you view a sunrise or sunset. You are blessed to have such a spectacular view.

Have a great week.