Sunday, February 17, 2013

~ The Kitchen Desk Make Over Part II ~

Hello my friends, I hope you're enjoying a great weekend. I know I've been a bad blogger the last week or so. It has been crazy crazy around here. I wear a lot of hats through out the year, this time of the year it's one of a tax preparer. The late nights and long hours at the desk leave me too exhausted to even think about taking pictures let alone put a post together. Trying to decompress has been a challenge, you go to bed and you're too exhausted to even sleep. I was bound and determined today to share how I've worked out some of kinks and frustrations.

You might recall a while back I was thinking of painting the kitchen, I had narrowed down the choice of paint colors to two. I remember saying there was no hurry, I think I was trying to convince myself I would put it off, knowing full well once I get something in my head I'm going full steam ahead to complete the project. I'm not sure why I always seem to start a paint project right in the middle of tax season, but I do. I run myself into the ground, again I think it's the only way to decompress and work out the kinks of long hours of sitting at a desk. 

It's no secret I have a love for blue and white, I cannot believe I sold so much of it when we had the auction. I told myself I wasn't going to replace any of it, my heart and head didn't get together on that agreement. I've slowly been bringing out pieces I've had put away and purchasing new pieces when I found what tugged at my heart to bring home.
Maidenhair Fern is a soft plant that adds depth as well as beauty to any planter. With the added height of the concrete column I'm slowly working on getting all those nasty cords hidden. You can see HERE how I tried to diffuse their blatant appearance. 
What a difference a couple of gallons of paint can make. I went from Carriage Red over the past 8 years or so to Persian Seed Pearl. After making the decision to go lighter I questioned the color, continually questioned myself. What was I thinking? Should I have gone a shade darker? Should I have left the beautiful deep red on the walls? After painting all one day I had to tell myself, Miss Lynne this is going to be a shock, deal, move on, don't quit! Well, I had no intentions of quitting, I have to admit I  came really close to running out to the store to get the next shade darker. The pictures don't do this cream color with just a hint of gray in it justice.
After the walls were painted I decided to move things around a bit. The rabbit had hung on the same wall for, well let's put it this way, far too many years.
He certainly has more presence now, don't you think?
Looking back at the previous pictures what on earth was I thinking? I certainly didn't need 2 lamps so closely together, it was so redundant. The beautiful platter got lost in the mix, it was too heavy, too crowded, sometimes less is more. Yes, Miss Lynne I like this much better, cleaner more sleek.
What do you think now? The lighter color really opened the room up, cloudy days aren't quite so depressing, with many hours spent in the kitchen you sure don't need to feel depressed. Walking into the kitchen is a lot more pleasant now.
 I'm sure you've seen the roosters and the birdhouse on top of the cabinets a gazillion times. I just couldn't bare to put their beauty away. The rooster on the left is quite large and weighs a ton, well maybe not a ton, but it sure is heavy. I don't think it looks too crazy to have roosters along with my gorgeous rabbit does it? I could however move them to the sunporch, bring some of the larger rabbits inside..... there I go again tweaking an area that's already done. lol
I snatched up this darling lamp from the laundry room. The classier looking shade doesn't have the heavy feeling the other one had. Stick around you'll see an updated laundry room soon.
I tried to like the flat wall of all white platters, I admire so many of your posts where you have them beautifully displayed in your homes. I'm not giving up having a full wall of white platters, this wall just wasn't the one. Folks, I've got to have some blue in my life. The addition of the blue and white and the dark curves of the scone broke up the flat surface adding more texture and excitement to the wall.

Another shot of the cord situation, I pulled some out just a bit to show you if I work with them they are completely hidden behind the concrete column. Yah!!!
The small tray is actually meant to hold guest towels in a bathroom, originally purchased to hold napkins in the shop at the coffee bar. I'm always writing out grocery lists or making notes of something and the pad of paper and pen are laying haphazardly on the desk, to rope them and make it a little more attractive, I decided the use of the tray upstairs was a better fit.
I even changed a few things around with this arrangement with the addition of the small picture.

I'm so glad the painting of the kitchen is complete. After questioning myself over and over again, the lighter color with the hint of gray was the perfect choice. What was I thinking before? The room was so dark and heavy. Now it's bright and airy. A whole new room with just the price of 2 gallons of paint for a total cost of $48.00. I had the rollers on hand, the filler for nail holes as well as my small sanding block. Aleve was already on hand to take after a long day of painting. Not bad for a couple days work.
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Susan said...

Your transformation of your kitchen desk area is so pretty. I love the Rabbit picture and the ironstone platter. You did a good job tweaking.

The HOME GIRL said...

Looks great, Lynn! It is amazing what coat or two of paint can do! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...

Lynne, your blue and white look good mixed together on the new paint color. Great choice. I have to say, I love the red though too. We have that as an accent color in our dining room on the wainscoting, put above it is a parchment faux finish.
Enjoy your week working at your new desk area.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Looks great! I liked the red also but the change probably makes the kitchen much lighter.
Taxes - I should be working on mine instead of being on this computer.
Hope you are enjoying the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne! You've been one busy gal! I love your new wall color. I've been right there with red walls in my kitchen for very many years and a few years back decided to go yellow. Now I love your blue and white transferware! I love seeing all white everything but I could never live like that. I love color too much!
Be a sweetie and it down and rest,
Shelia :)

Jane@Bluebird1959 said...

I love the pops of blue! I like all white too, but the touch of color is so much more personal. Adore the bunny also!!! Jane

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Just awesome Lynne, I also love me some blue/white and the new color really shows it off great..I'm painting my guest bathroom a pewter color and really do like the gray..Only been 14 years since it's been painted and it was time for a redo..Love ya girl..Give Mr.B my very best..see you on FB..Hugs and love Gloria

Cindy @ Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home said...

So pretty and I love all of your blue & white!!!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh I love the lighter color, so pretty. Your new accessory arrangement looks amazing too. Hugs, Marty

Betty Marie's said...

I do like the lighter color. You did a wonderful job on brightening up this area.
Thanks for sharing!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

As always, a perfectly lovely make-over. I use trays for everything. Aren't they wonderful? What a welcoming work space you have created!