Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mary Carol's Kitchen Part IV

Hi Everyone, I hope you've been enjoying the tour of Mary Carol's home and her shops. For you first time visitors, Mary Carol Garrity better known as Nell Hill, owns 3 stores and has authored many books. If you've missed the earlier posts, you can catch up Part I Here, Part II here, and Part III here, I hope I didn't bore you with too many posts, there was just so much I wanted to share with all of you. This is our last and final post of the weekend I spent having a fun day out, I'm glad so many of you came along via cyberspace to enjoy the fun with me.

 Last time we left off, I left you all to shop. Did you find tons of things you'd love to have? Lots of ideas to incorporate into your home? I know I did. I've put some of those into action already, it's time to get back to reality and my own home. lol 

The last and final installment is Mary Carol's kitchen and breakfast nook. Her kitchen isn't large, her decor however pops a wallop!
The trend leaned towards the vintage side of things this year, it particularly hit home for me. I love anything vintage, things that have a timeless look. I'm glad I've hung onto decorations I've had for years, I'm going to pull them out and incorporate them into my decor this year.

I love the way she rolled her napkins in the small silver dish, definitely an idea I'm going to borrow, just as soon as I can find a similar looking tray. lol
I usually decorate more with snowmen, but this little guy stole my heart. I loved all the vintage ornaments hanging, if I had a light fixture like this I would borrow this idea too. :-))

Silver was everywhere. I've used some of my vintage glasses like this for years however, I did pull out a silver tray to put more of a finish touch on the vignette.  I apologize for the glare and not so good quality of the photos. As I said earlier, the crowds were heavy and you had to keep moving. I'm glad those behind us were gracious and waited patiently for me to take pictures, at least if they weren't we didn't hear any rumblings about me stopping so often. :-))

Sweet lamp..aaaaahhhhh I need to pick up another cord cozy for an area in my kitchen.

As we leave, I wanted to share one last shot of Mary Carol's dining room. Don't you love the sweet slip covered chairs? The box pleat reminds me of skirts I use to wear, that are now back in style. If you have any of her books, you'll see she's had these for years. I love the look and the color, in our home cream or white slip covers wouldn't make it past a day before they would have to be pulled and laundered. Doesn't keep a girl from dreaming though. lol

Thank all of you so much for swinging in and touring Mary Carol's home and shop with me. I've enjoyed each and everyone of your comments. Bloggers are just the best when it comes to support and kind words!! Each of your comments bring tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.

Susan, thank you for taking the time each week to host this fabulous party.


bj said...

Oh, Lynn, I have drooled over this kitchen and dining room until I have no spit left. Soooooo beautiful. Do people REALLY live like this?
*heavy duty sigh
xo bj

Stella said...

Liking all the silver and glass. Do you suppose tarnished silver would look as good? I hate to polish silver. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment. My space is in As Time Goes By in Greenwood.

PAT said...

I have always loved Mary Carol's kitchen. It's my favorite room in her house. I always linger there when we take the tour. She changed the table from the last time I saw it.

Blondie's Journal said...

I finally figured out a way to get to your comments...very odd, but the problem is solved!!

I so enjoyed this tour! Her kitchen is truly warm and lovely...a perfect example that you needn't do everything in white!! lol! I love the glass counter shelves and her silver collections. And I, too, love the pleats on the chair covers. So sweet!

Thanks again, Lynne!


Richard Cottrell said...

Looking good. RC

Bonnie said...

I enjoyed the tour. Thanks Lynne. I also can borrow a few ideas. Know it was fun to see in person.

Ramblings of a Southern Girl ~ Rhonda G said...

Oh, I am so sad to see it end! The inspiration has been priceless! Have really enjoyed this series of post, and I do believe the only thing better would have been to see it in person! :) Thanks so much for sharing! Your capturing of each image was remarkable too! :)

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Hi Lynn,
Wow, I loved it all. Just kept wanting to go back for more. The first pic is my fav. Love the garland, stacked tea cups. Heck, I love it all! Thanks for sharing!

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Thank you so much for posting this tour, in all the parts, for us to see! Loved it all! Just gorgeous!


Lizabeth said...

I'm new to all this and I don't know who Mary Carol is but I sure like her style! I'm staring at every nook and cranny- especially in the kitchen! I'm intrigued by the basket/box in the corner by the stove! Her table is my inspiration for something I'm going to do...thanks for sharing!

Dolores said...

I've loved and enjoyed this beautiful home tour....some good ideas too!
Thanks ,

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Lynn, I have been on a blog break, but I'm sure glad I didn't miss this! Oh, wow! Just adorable! And those slipcovers! And that light over the table!!! Who's home is this??? I need to read back and see who you've been featuring. This is just WONDERFUL. Thanks for sharing.

Happy Tablescape Thursday to you...



Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Lynne, thanks for stopping by to visit me today and leaving such sweet comments! I love this posting from you. Thanks for sharing! This kitchen is simply divine!!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Lynne, you and Mary Carol are making me want to get out my Christmas decor, and it's not even H'ween yet! Beautiful ideas, and I had such fun scrolling through them twice. i also scrolled down to see the shop, and it made me so glad that I can't visit her shop. I suspect I could max out my credit card very quicklky in there. Oh, how I loved that snow woman. The front of your shop looks so pretty with the mums and ornamental grass. I'm sure I could max out my credit card there too. Thanks for sharing the tour of M.C. home. laurie

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

It's been a fabulous tour Lynne!
I just would loved to have been right there along with you!
Just so many wonderful ideas, and so much to see, truly gorgeous!

A Hint of Home said...

Thanks for sharing her home. It's very lovely! Enjoyed my visit to your blog.

Unknown said...

What a beautiful setting!

Please stop by and enter my Goodbye to Summer~Hammock Giveaway!

Scribbler said...

Those little chair slips -- I am in love!

Debbie said...

What great posts you have shared! LOVE all the holiday decor. I wonder where she stores all this stuff on the off season?
Your header is one of the most beautiful ones I've ever seen.
Enjoy your day.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I enjoyed every single post of Mary's lovely home! You went to a lot of trouble to do this and it is appreciated as you can tell.
It was like looking at a HOUSE BEAUTIFUL magazine. Better actually, because now there seem to be more ad's in them than photo's to enjoy.
Thank you SO much for taking the time to share this wonderful home with us!

Alycia Nichols said...

Seriously...I'm headed up to Atchison in October! I'm always afraid to drive alone, but I'm doin' it just the same! I'll have to wear a tracking device on my ankle because I KNOW I'm going to get lost, but at least I will have made the effort! :-) (It's a shame...I have built-in GPS and haven't a clue how to use it!) I am anxious to see everything at Nell Hills. Next stop: Lynne's Gifts From the Heart, Richmond MO! :-)

lvroftiques said...

What a beautiful kitchen! I agree those rolled napkins in the silver server were wonderful! And OMG so is that french shelf!! Just a little puce green over that one girlfriend *winks* I'll be saving that picture to my favorites. Maybe one day.....A girl can dream....Vanna

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Such beauty! I'm just sighing over the loveliness of this all. Right now I just wish my house was clean!

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I ahve immensly enjoyed every bit of this house tour! Thanks so much for sharing her home! LOVE those pleated slips! Her kitchen is awesome! Thanks again. XO, Pinky