Sunday, January 10, 2010

Snow Cone Anyone?

-7 Below Zero... yes our deep freeze continues.. On the bright side we had sunshine today and a warm up is in the forecast for tomorrow.. :-))

Amazing how mother nature works her magic isn't it?

Remember year's ago when you could go to the Dairy Queen and purchase a snow cone? A cup filled with crushed ice and covered with your choice of syrup. My favorite was grape, what was yours?

This birdhouse has it's own hat. lol

Mr. P's youngest son and Little John to the rescue. :-))
We're finally able to get out. I hope you are as well.
hugs ~lynne~


Anonymous said...

Wow, That looks like it was quite a snowstorm.

My favorite was grape too.

Stay Warm!


Anonymous said...

Wow, That looks like it was quite a snowstorm.

My favorite was grape too.

Stay Warm!


Patsy said...

Beautiful snow ,but just to cold.
I loved cherry.

The Muse said...

LOL...these shots could be taken from right here on the farm!

I too have a snowcone shot and had planned my blog title..oh too funny!!


Stay warm my kind friend...and stay off that tractor! LOL :)

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Rainbow was a favortie of mine.

We have sunshine too. Looking forward to the promised 40. I think we might get that trip to the lake in, this week!:-)

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

I know it is hard to be snowed in and that it is soooo cold but it is so pretty. We never get that much snow here in Texas. I love looking at it!!!

Happy Sunday!!!

Deanna said...

Dear Lynne,
The temps are so bitter cold that it's way too cold to enjoy.

Your pictures are great!
I remember the snow cones and had to think back which was my fav.
I don't know!
I liked them all.
There's a place close by that sells shaved ice with all kinds of flavors and they have one called wedding cake.
It is so good it will make you want more.

Have a blessed day and God bless,
d from home haven

Jane said...

Beautiful photos! The snow is so beautiful, albeit COLD! I remember the first time I saw!I was in Macon, GA...rarely snows there. We had 20 inches!!! All the FL girls put on bikinis, grabbed sunglasses and towels and ran into the quad to pose for a "once in a lifetime" photo. Little did we know that most of us ended up north for awhile and saw more snow than we ever dreamed of (or wanted to see!).

Stay warm...

KM Studios said...

Looks like a great time to build a snowman with the grandkids!

Debi said...

Lynne dear,
Oh love those pics!!
I am unstuck now, so I did go out yesterday as you read. We are going to airport tonite to get our youngest daughter, she is coming home for a bit to get furniture and stuff for their new house, and taking it back, so she will be here for at least two weeks!! YEAHHHHHH!! I am looking forward to it!! :D
She isn't looking forward to coming home to these temps, she has had anywhere from 84 to 70 degree days!
My favorite flavor of those beloved snow cones was CHERRY!!

I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day dear!
Debi xo

xinex said...

Brrrr, looks really cold. I hope oyu used the zoom camera feature instead of going out there to take these gorgeous snow pictures. Keep warm indoors, Lynne. We're in the airport just leaving FL soon and it is cold here but colder in Natchez...CHristine

Joy Tilton said...

I don't remember the snow cones at Dairy Queen, but I loved Mr. Misty's! I grew up in Missouri in the 50's and we often would end up at Dairy Queen, set in the car eating ice cream. Great memories!

Phyllis @Around the House said...

Hi Lynne, you just copy the htlm code under the picture and add it as a gadget to your side bar under html to how to make your own button, my daughter learned on susan between naps on the porch on her side bar there is a picture of her cat on a chair and it says blogging tips, all the info is in there, it is hard let me warn you to make your own button, if someone knows an easier way that would be great...Love the post Lynne.....Phyllis