Thursday, January 8, 2009

I really tried to give it up...A Big Thank You and an Update!!

Girls, I cannot thank you enough for stopping by these past few days.. all of your support and kind words mean the world.. I was without Internet service most of the day so couldn't get back to anyone. And you know how we are in this modern world of ours. We like being able to get on here and just visit. Well.. I was starting to go into withdrawal symptoms. Truth be known it was probably a good thing. I wouldn't have gotten as much done. You know.. do a little bit. Check email.. do a little bit .. well you get the picture. I've received several awards from some really sweet gals and will be posting those soon.. I'm humbled and honored that you think enough to send them my way.

Just a short update on the office project. It's coming along. Man alive I have a lot of stuff that came out of that room. I'll be posting pictures of the before and after soon. I hope you stick with me long enough to see the "huge" difference.. lol

Now about what I tried to give up:
Are you one of those that use faux greenery? Or are you one of those that just can't tolerate it? I honestly thought I would be OK not using it. But, once the Christmas garland came off the top of the hutch, it looked so bare. Almost undressed. So, I got my greenery back out. It was calling to me. It said I belong on top of the hutch. So, I preceded to play with the top and came up with this vignette. At least for the time being. :-)
A few years ago I found all of these great green pieces on markdown at 80% off, so they were almost free. Notice I say "almost" free. lol. I'm sure many of you remember the artichoke plate. It was on the 80% table as well. I thought it was a great addition.

Well, it's no surprise to most of you how much I love bunnies. When I spotted this guy he hopped into my cart so quickly it surprised even me. He is quite heavy. I'm wanting to say almost wood like. Don't you just love his darling eyes? They almost speak to you. And if you look real close it's almost like he's smiling at you. I believe he's quite content living here! :-)
See what a great match the green of foliage is to the green of the stone jug and the plate?

This unique jug was a steal of a deal at Hobby Lobby a few years back. The shade of green was perfect. So, naturally it fell right into the cart. Don't you love when that happens? It's OK girls, nothing was damaged during the fall. :-) This beautiful fruit plate was a Christmas gift from my daughter a couple of years ago. It was more white at the time. But I like the more worn, aged look of things. I asked my daughter if she would mind if I aged it a bit. She said, "Mom it's yours now do whatever you want to with it !" I sure didn't want to hurt her feelings. So, I got out the Old English Scratch n Dent and proceeded to rub it on until I got the aged look I was looking for. Have you tried it girls? It is truly awesome. We all know it covers scratches. But, I've used it for years when I was in a pinch to age something that didn't look old enough to me. If you haven't try it, you might want to consider it.. You'll be amazed at the difference and the ease. Just be careful. If you drop it on carpet or clothing, it's usually ruined. It is a form of stain.

Just another view.
Well girls, that's the latest little vignette and the story of why I couldn't give up the faux greenery. Now, I know some of you don't care for it. But over the course of the last few months I've discovered I need to follow my own heart and decorate to suit myself. RMS almost took that joy away from me. Yep! I almost caved... So there you have it.. I'm a firm believer that faux is the way for me to go.
I'm so glad you stopped in.. now you know I'm off for some hot coffee and
popcorn.. hugs ~lynne~


Melissa Miller said...

Hi Lynne, :)
I'm with you dear friend!
As much as I appreciate real flowers and greenery I could never see myself constantly replacing them around my home.
Somehow it does seem to look "bare" without it all doesn't it?
Everything looks so beautiful the way you expertly arranged it on the hutch top.
It always looks so effortless and casual. Very inviting. Well done!

Your bunny is the cutest I've ever seen. Boy does he ever look real to me.
Beautiful artichoke plate too. Love that shape.

I sent you an e-mail tonight regarding the bird topper. I think it is your shoppe's address.

I can't wait to see all the photo results of your hard work. I'm glad it's coming to an end for you.
Have a restful day. ~Melissa :)

Kathy said...

Just catching up Lynne, I am sorry to hear about your burst pipe and all the delays you had but so happy your new carpet is in and you are now putting all your treasures back, I love your bunny he is adorable and looks lovely with your plate and green pieces, your greenery sets off your vignette perfectly, I am a fan of faux flowers and was just thinking how bare my home looks after taking down the Christmas decor, I think I will steal your idea for the top of my bookcases, (smiles). Enjoy your popcorn, Kathy.

Kristens Creations said...

Hi Lynne, I know what you mean about the faux greenery. You probably know I was a "faux" designer for almost 15 yrs. I think greenery (even if it is fake) adds life to a room. I tried taking out all of the greenery in my bookcases one time and it was just awful! It felt cold and lifeless. I need green!lol! Kristen

Four Paws and Co said...

It's beautiful Lynne! I'm in love with your little bunny... hmmm, if you find him missing, it's ok because he's moved in with me! ♥ Diane

ps I like your faux greenery. I don't have any out right now & as Kristen said, it looks bare. I'm just pretty inspirationless right now.

Glenda said...

I have a plant in a decorative metal container that has long runner like vines atop one of my legal cases. When I remove it to set up any kind of seasonal vignette, it looks strangely empty.

Old English can cover a multitude of nicks and scrapes and somehow gives the wood a distressed look, instead of the raw wood it is covering looking so much like the item has been badly mistreated.
Though I knew it would stain most anything including your hands, I never thought of using it on something undamaged to make it look aged. It is logical considering you can use tea to stain and age fabric. Thanks for the tip.

ksarra said...

I'm with you Lynne. I felt guilty for the "faux" greenery, took it out and then couldn't live with the bare look of bookshelves, etc. Now of course I agree with those who say that real is better, EXCEPT they haven't seen my house plants. Shriveled, brown, lifeless is definitely NOT better than faux around here! And I'm loving the fact that soooo many of us who used to feel we had to follow decorating rules are now following our own hearts. Hooray!

Kat said...

Lovely! I think everyone should decorate with whatever feels right to them, faux or no faux, and critics be darned. My thumb is so black I'd probably kill even faux greenery lol. I love that green jug, how lucky that it fell into your cart. Glad that things are getting back to normal for you, hugs, Kathy

Kristen said...

Your use of faux greenery is great...your little vignette and the story of why you couldn't give up the faux greenery is so cute.
I have faux dishes on my walls in the dining room.

Jessica said...

Morning Lynne~

Good to have you back~ we missed you! I just thought you where tied up in your office decorating up a storm. :) I can't wait to see it!

I once posted my bedroom on RMS and was told immediately to remove the faux greenery from the top of my armoire in looked so it's still there.

Great tip about the Old English I have a cake plate I would love to age a bit. YEAH!

You have created abother beautiful display~ don't you just love when things jump in your cart? I tried to tell my mister that it really does

Hugs~ J

Linda said...

Hi Lynne...glad things are getting back to normal for you. Your decor with the greenery is perfect. I need a little of that around too. It fills spaces and adds some life to a room.

Lynette said...

Love it!! I love using faux greenery as well!! Sometimes its just too impractical to use the real stuff. I do have live plants in my house, and they do make a difference, but nothing like some fake greenery tucked in here and there!!
I love your bunny and the top of your hutch looks complete and perfect!!
Thanks for sharing it with us and I can't wait to see some more pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Morning, Lynne. I've missed you and so glad you're up and running again, but glad you got lots done. It is hard to get to doing real stuff while running through Blogland. Now I love your greenery on the hutch and your vignette is so beautiful! Love everything up there!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Good morning Glenda, It's great to see you stopped by my friend. Old English is a little mircacle worker isn't it? It's always amazing to me after the Christmas greenery comes down how bare our homes look. I would love to see the long vine running atop your legal cases. I koww it's gorgeous...hint hint...
hugs ~lynne~

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Lynne, I love faux! This vignette looks beautiful. That bunny is so life-like. And the staining of that plate is brilliant! I am sure I will be using that great hint! I can't wait to see the office. I know you are glad just to be able to get everything back in place. laurie

onlymehere said...

I still use greenery also. When I was a newlywed I learned the importance of decorating to suit my tastes. When we bought our first two homes I let my sister, who was an interior designer, talk me into wallpapering, curtains, a couch, and just generally decorating her way. I never did like it. I found when I did my own thing, weather it was considered good taste or not, that I usually loved it and was happy with the result. I've learned to follow my own instincts. I think RMS and HGTV in a way sold me a bill of goods too. One of my comments on my blog after I bought my oak glider was "who would spend money on that?" We obviously I did and I had waited many, many years to buy one. At that point I pretty much shrugged it off and gradually quit going there. HGTV would have us believe that nothing is acceptable except granite and whatever they say buyers want. Not really the case. Every buyer is different. If it feels like home I can pretty much like any taste and I love to see what the ladies here do with things. Love the vignette too! Talk to you later and hopefully I'll have that posted on Monday!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I have no problems with faux greenery at all (got lots around). I know what many decorators say, but they don't live in my home.:) Old English scratch cover has lived in my home for many years - especially when the children were growing up. Love your bunny. I was in HL yesterday, and almost bought another bunny, but left without it. Know what you mean about getting more done without the computer on.

Chrissy...The Apothecary Shop said...

O.K if I took out my FAKE stuff, my house would be BARE!! I do not have a single living plant in my house, now mind you I have some good fakes, but they are all just that FAKE!! No one has ever said they look bad or tacky( at least not to me!!) You are my kind of girl, "LONG LIVE FAKE GREENERY"

Tamara Jansen said...

That looks just lovely!

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Lynne,
Sounds great! I already have a few places in mind for it. Thank you for having such beautiful and unique pretties for us. I know your shoppe is just lovely and your customers must love it so much.

On the artichoke plate I meant love the lattice work design around it. I'm not sure why I said shape before. I think I was getting tired....:)
Love the green large vase too.

My dad is having some more issues as of this past week. It's been a stuggle getting him to talk about it though. Even my poor Mom is confused. I'm far away from Florids so it's hard for me to do much. My sister Monica lives a street over from them so it falls on her and her families shoulders right now. It's getting sad and scary. I'll keep you posted.
I do appreciate your kindness. Thank you.

Hope your day is going wonderfully..
~Melissa :)

Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

Yeah Lynne is back...and you have been busy! I love it all... the plates, the bunny and your greenery!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

GM Dear Friend...well first let me say a big WELCOME Back girl I have missed you so much...hey I was going into the Lynne withdrawal and it ain't pretty girl!!
Can't wait to see your office all done..Now I love what you did here and girl you know I love fake silks of any kind and I see every one else does also..makes you wonder about all the ones on RMS that had a fit over them..wonder what ever happen to them..must still be on RMS because us blogger do our homes the way our hearts like you know that bunny would have hopped into my cart all looks just wonderful girl..hope you have a great day..I have been having problems getting online today..wish me luck getting around to my emails...hugs and smiles dear friend..Gloria

Laurie - Decorating Fanatic said...

Hi Lynne! Long time no talk! I know life has been roaring right by us. I love your new vignette! The bunny is adorable, so realistic looking and all those soothing colors around him just make him all the more appealing like he is nestling in a garden somewhere. Love the plates too, and what a great idea with the liquid scratch polish- I have some of that! I agree with you on the faux flowers. I can't buy fresh flowers every week and I can barely keep my few houseplants going. Besides the faux they sell nowadays looks great. We don't do the plastic flowers that they stick in jars at Truckstop restaurants! These are expensive, realistic little touches to add to the whole picture, right? :) Well I read that your got new carpet installed! Yay! Have fun putting everything back together. Be back soon. ~ Laurie

Anonymous said...


The Kramer Angle said...

HI Lynne,

I think there are more people out there that really do like faux greenery but don't want to admit it! I use it and I'm proud to say I do!! LOL! It just "softens" things and fills in those spaces that seem so sparse.

Great post.


Anonymous said...

I think the greenery looks great. Everything is beautiful. You did a great job.

Salmagundi said...

I don't use any kind of greenery just because I'm lazy and don't like to clean it. Yours looks so real up there - I could live with it easily. Looking forward to the office redo. Sally

savvycityfarmer said...

I have a few boxwood topiaries that are silk....but very $$$$ and they look real. I gave the greens up except for some twigs and branches.

You might not miss these after you look at things without them.
But they look nice in the photos.
Thanks for stopping over with the first comment about the cow lamp...gotta love it .

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hello Dearheart...

I just checked my blog and found your sweet, sweet note...thank you, Girlfriend!!! Oh my...what would I do without all of my dear, sweet friends? You know, I was just telling Russell about all of the notes, emails, etc. that I had received from everyone...I know that we haven't met "face to face" but you're just the dearest friend ever...I can't imagine our friendship being any sweeter!!! I decided I'm throwing out the term "virtual friends" (it sounds so cold) and the girls are so much more to me than that!!! Anyway, thank you so much for all of your love & prayers...we sure have felt them!!!

I finally had more of a chance to rest today...besides writing Thank you notes, etc. I'm just pooped, Girlfriend! Please keep those prayers coming our way! Even though Russell has a brother, Dad's entire estate will be up to us to take care...we're just so overwhelmed right now! I keep trying to remind myself...just "one day at a time"!

Well my friend, I'm so glad that you got your internet back up and running and I see that they finally got your carpet laid (about time, huh?) I know it's been frustrating for I'm sure that you're feeling better at getting all that finished! I can't wait to see the before and after photos...hehe!!!

Thank you again, Lynne!!!
Love you so much,
PS...oh, know that I'm a faux greenery gal...I love the real thing but realistically it just won't live everywhere we'd like to have some greenery! So I say, "Yeeehawww" to the faux greenery...your hutch looks fabulous!!!

Tootsie said...

okay...first...glad to have you back!
second...everything looks fantastic!
third......and this is the biggie....I use faux greenery! there are places in every home that should never have a real plant...tops of cupboards and cabinets are the biggest....they are too hot, confined and easily forgotten there! you go girl...and from a girl that has more plants in her home than the average garden center has for sale...faux greenery has its purpose...and as long as it doesn't look cheap cheap cheap and is not over is perfect for those "inappropriate" places!
I bet there are more than a few people that have fake green things in their homes...they just don't admit to it!
speaking of real ones could use a little run..!

Bridget said...

Lynne, I do not have a green thumb so despite RMS and my daughter's protestations, I am still a lover of the faux! I have trimmed back a bit but I can't give it up completely.
Thank you for stopping by and for the birthday wishes. It was a better birthday than I feared. I guess this decade isn't all down hill. lol

Nance said...

Your greenery looks perfect with all of your other stuff. I have a few faux myself, an "ivy" on top of the grandfather's clock and another one on top of my dolls' display cabinet.
Hmmm, i learned something new today, how to make something look aged.
Thanks, lynne!

imjacobsmom said...

I wish a little bunny like that would hop into my cart. I am a user of faux greenery, too. I actually prefer it. I've ruined many a table top watering my real plants. I can't be trusted with an indoor watering can. (Only you can relate to the destruction of water....) Your hutch looks wonderful, BTW - Robyn

Anonymous said...

Uh oh, I'm guilt of that--faux greens! Just today I artfully arranged silk ivy around a beautiful faience candlestick on my kitchen table. Your vignette looks gorgeous, my dear!

Dixie said...

Ricky and I had a burst pipe 2-years ago in March... while it was most inconvient, I ended up with my master bath finished, new carpet and flooring... a blessing in disguise...

as for the greenery... I'm on the fence.. a little goes a long way, and it's a nice fill-in like you have it in your photos... but most folks over-do it and then it just becomes a giant dust collector!

See you pink saturday!
Have a blissful weekend!

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Oh Twizzi my friend, it has been way too long.. how nice it is to see you stopped by.. Hope the New Year is starting off well for you and yours..hugs ~lynne~

Fieldstone said...

Hi Lynne, Love your displays! I'm so glad I stopped by. Just wanted to say hi. Hugs, Pam

The Muse said...

professionally? faux...sure why not!
personally? faux...sure why not!

i always tell my clients that design is so personal that really..if it functions for you, and makes you happy, then that is the ultimate goal. designers should guide in attributes related to form and function and try to help each client find their voice in the design they are trying to express.

there are some who shudder at FAUX anything...but as a painter, i embrace that word..

so..poo poo on RMS and give that rabbit some greenery :) !

Beth at Aunties said...

I too feel bare with out the beautiful green faux greenery... I am trying though:)
It looks so pretty on top of your hutch. The spring look is lovely:)
Baby steps!


xinex said...

Hi Lynne, I am glad you kept the faux greenery, easy maintenance and more practical especially in high places like that. It really fills up the space and makes it warmer. Gorgeous display, as usual. Love the bunny and the plates...Christine

Susan (Between Naps On The said...

Looks great to me...I'm all for the faux greenery! I do remember the artichoke plate...what was it everyone kept calling it? LOL I need to do something on the top of my china cabinet after seeing yours! Susan

Leaon Mary said...

Hi Lynn,
It's so nice to meet you.
I have a hutch that is bare on top, and I've been wondering what to put on top of it. I have my angel Mother's pink roses china inside of it... and I think some green or white pottery on top, with MY RABBIT!!!!!!, WILL BE PERFECT! -- I love the vine you have as well... I think I'm going to do something just like yours. I also have another ugly- painted hutch in my bedroom. I'm thinking about painting it... but can't decide what color because I also want to paint the whole bedroom. I like your black hutch... but can't decide to go black... or shabby white? Any suggestions to figure out what to do?

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

THE BUNNY! OH..the dear thing...where did you find him and does he have any brothers or sisters just like him?? I have a perfect little home just waiting! :)