Friday, January 13, 2017

First Project of 2017 Pocket Door Installation Part 1

I was so excited to begin my first project of 2017, actually it began on Christmas Day of 2016. A project I'd been yearning to do for quite sometime. 
As you enter my home off the sun porch you walk directly into the laundry room. Off the laundry room is a postage stamp size powder room. The door was always open or shut nothing in between.
If the door was
open it would swing back into any piece of furniture I have placed there over the years, it was such a nuisance.
Demo began with taking the trim off, saving it to put back on later. My contractor tried his best to save this wall from demo. We were hoping to take off one side to save on expenses and more mess. Because the other side houses the toilet the space is very tight. The decision was made to pull the sheet rock off both sides The further we got along it was a good call to do so.
As we measured we could see the tile was installed directly up to the former frame. That didn't leave enough room to slip the pocket door frame down into the area it needed to go. After measuring the grinder was brought out to grind down a 1/2" of tile for the frame. The task was completed with no damage to the tile and the frame set down into the slot perfectly.
Sheet rock was measured and installed closing up what quickly became an open concept powder room. Next step was waiting on my sheet rock guy to come and finish the sheet rock and texture the walls.
We have a winter forecast of heavy ice this weekend, I should finish up this project hoping to share with all of you next week. Stay tuned for those updates, I appreciate all of you following along this journey with me.