Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas in the Sun Porch

The sun porch is the first room you enter when you come to my back door. It's a room that puts a smile on your face and a song in your heart. The room has evolved over the past 19 years. I painted the walls a few years back this fabulous shade of green and haven't looked back. Please, come on in and I'll show you around. 
I purchased the
chair and sofa a few years back, the chair sat in one of the bedrooms for a very long time. I felt that room need to breathe a bit and moved it and the ottoman to the sun porch. I love having them back together again. The red throw came from Target many years ago. I paired it with a pillow I believe came from TJ Maxx.

A girl can change her mind, right? I changed out the previous pillow for the Merry Christmas pillow, the sun streaming across was an added bonus.

The small black table has floated around my home. I'm enjoying having it in the sun porch nestled in between the red and white checkered chair and black wicker chair.

Vintage star bright ornaments fill an antique crystal dish, just a touch of bling for the table.
The peppermint pillow was originally in the kitchen. The ice skates were sold in the shop this year. I've filled them with a touch of greenery with red berries and a pine cone.
The black and white throw came from Hobby Lobby a few years back. I enjoy pulling it out for the sun porch each year, the addition of the Christmas pillow flanked by a snowman says welcome as you come in the door.
Every gal needs a new pair of winter boots right? Especially when they're plaid and match a montage of clothing you have.

Thanks for stopping by and spending some time in the sun porch with me. As we're narrowing down the days to Christmas I pray you're enjoying the process of this Holiday season.
Fondly ~ Lynne ~

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Sarah said...

Merry Christmas, Lynne!