Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Touches in the Guest Bath

I'm not sure I've ever shared the guest bath. It's a nice sized bath that needed a bit of paint and yes those popcorn ceilings scrapped.
Last weekend
the popcorn ceilings were tackled, seams repaired and painted. I filled all the nail holes and put a fresh coat of polyurethane on all the trim. The difference is incredible. The fixture around the light was taken down and given a good cleaning and a fresh led light bulb installed.
It's hard to get a great picture of a ceiling with no windows to help with the lighting. I'm hoping you can see the popcorn is gone. Woo-Hoo!!!
I began painting the walls one day this week with the same color of gray I'd used in the rest of my home. Only to discover it was way too dark for a windowless oak trimmed bath. Off to the store I went and settled on Coconut White. I'm a gal that loves color, I thought I might be settling for a neutral and live with it for a while and repaint. I have to admit I love the new whiter clean look to the bath, so much brighter and clean looking. Just a small bit of Christmas cheer was added in the way of hand towels purchased from the Dollar General store a few years back.
After taking down the original print I went back with blue and white plates. I feel as though they flow nicely with the blue and white theme of the bath.

Because I think outside the box and didn't want anything of the norm. I wanted to keep the room more on the light and airy side, I chose the clock. I'm not sure how long it will stay but for now I love the effect it lends to the room.
The garden stool was purchased about three years ago from One King's Lane. I'm hooked on garden stools and the versatility they bring a room. It's great for your guests to put their towels on or even a book if they enjoy reading and soaking in a good hot tub.
I'm happy that I have another room complete in my world of scrapping popcorn off the ceilings. With the completion of this room I am now over half way done with all of the ceilings in my home.
The guest bath still isn't quite finished. The new vanity top isn't in yet and I haven't picked out a new light for over the mirror. I'll share that update as soon as it's complete.
As always thanks for stopping in and sharing your thoughts with me.
Fondly ~ Lynne ~


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Hi Lynne...I get so excited when I see that there are no comments and think I might be the first..but I never am. I think our sweet bloggers save them and read them to be far I've not had the problem..but..anyway...where was I?? Oh, right, your pretty touch of Christmas in the bathroom. Everything is neat as a are one that has that and I am beginning to think it's in the DNA!! There is always a mess somewhere in our home.. LOL
You have always had the most gorgeous home and the view from that back porch is just amazing.
Any snow yet? I am thinking when the clouds life that we may have some in our high mountains...I HOPE SO!
Merry Christmas, sweet friend..enjoy every moment!

Blondie's Journal said...

I love everything about your bath, Lynne! Especially your shower curtain. I think they really make the room and this is so cute! The plates and lock are great ideas =, too. I love that you think outside the box and inspire! :)


Jane x

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi ya cutie, you are the first one to comment on this post, if I was giving out prizes you'd be the grand winner. No snow our way yet, just temperatures doing the roller coaster ride between feeling like late fall and early winter. Wishing you and yours the Merriest of Christmas' ever. fondly ~ lynne~

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh so pretty. Love those towels and that fabulous gold mirror too.