Thursday, April 23, 2015

Retail Therapy In Kansas City

A BIG thanks to all of you for your kind comments 
on my last post the
All of you were so kind and generous
you certainly know how to make
a gal's head spin.
Every now and again a person needs to get away,  have a day of fun. On Monday that's exactly what I did. I had several errands in the city that needed to be taken care of, after finishing all of those I stopped at one of my favorite stores (besides my own) to check out all of her beauty.
Have you
guessed where I was? Yes... Nell Hill's. Usually when I pop in I run into Mary Carol and have a quick and lovely visit, unfortunately I missed her this time. There was so much eye candy. I'm in the process of making over another room so fabrics were on my mind. Her team is the best at mixing and matching fabric prints. The urn print with blue and green stole my heart. This beautiful print became the game changer in the direction the room was going to take.
There were several tablescapes filled with sass and loads of color.
I thought the shape of these chairs was so interesting.
Table top vignettes were inspiring.
Many of you know I'm trying to get away from shades of black in my home. This beautiful sofa made me stop in my tracks. I love a buffalo check, mixed with the beautiful green it's a happy and restful area that makes you want to sit for a while.
Another happy chair with a lively printed pillow.
Do you see a pattern happening here? I'm loving the color green. It's so peaceful and calming. I have several green accessories I'll be able to incorporate in my next room makeover. I hope you stay tuned to see that room come together.
Another vignette mixed with green. Something in this vignette came home with me, can any of you guess?
After walking the store over a couple of times and paying for my purchases I came home fired up and ready to get busy with another project. Full of inspiration for the room makeover as well as in the shop and my office. There will be lots to share with you. I'll be sharing hints a long the way as well as the finished projects.
 Fondly ~ Lynne ~


Blondie's Journal said...

Oh, lucky you! I've never been to Nell Hill's but hope to one day. I simply love the blue and green on the bedding. I think she is always ahead of trends.

How great to get me next time! :)

Jane x

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I love visiting stores like that. I have a dear friend who is a interior decorator and used to take me to all the design centers..and being around her for so many years was one of the best experiences. I don't seem to be one that follows least not to great a degree. Green's have been major in my home..forever it seems. At least for 60 years.
All shades. Now it's apple green for me..mixed with other colors. Always moss green for carpets.. This store is wonderful..I still like black but I'm now glad I didn't go overboard with it. Just touches. Black and cobalt blue...always nice. I just don't have much blue .
What a fun trip that was. I've been watching you decorate for years now and your store made my heart skip a beat~! :)

Pat said...

I totally, agree, dear friend. . .a great shop filled with inspiration!!!
"Mr. Ed" & I recently visited Nell Hill's Atchison Store!!!
Love all the green white and black together!!!
I'll be watching for you upcoming room makeover!!!

Unknown said...

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