Friday, April 17, 2015

As the Wind Blows Spring on the Front Porch

No I didn't fall off the face of the earth. 
My tax clients and the shop
 have really kept
me busy these past few weeks. Too 
many late nights didn't leave me
the chance to work on the blog.
I'm looking forward to
sharing some of the latest 
projects and their updates
with all of you.
 I always look forward to 
Spring when I can go to

the greenhouse and purchase
the ferns for the front porch.
They give me a sense of 
calmness, a Southern feel
if you will.
 This year I've decided to
add a bright red
impatient for a
splash of color.

light is scheduled to 
be replaced this year,
I'm looking for something
to match the lights 
in the yard. This
one is just too industrial 
for me.
 Miss Scooter loves to nose
in and around the ferns,
hoping a tree frog will
be there so she can
play with it. They
scare me and occasionally
her as well. Don't
laugh, yes that is little 
'ole me in the 

 Navy cushions were new
a couple of years ago.
They're by Ralph Lauren
and have held up quite well
from the heat of the sun.
 I was craving a bit more
color and went with the
Apple Green cushions
found at Walmart.
 Green and white stripe fabric is 
lying in wait
for me to make some
coordinating pillows.

 This was the first morning I've
been able to have coffee on
the front porch.
 What a great way to start the day.
Seeing things in the light of day 
you realize I may have put the 
cart before the horse. I should have done
the annual scrubbing and
bleaching before I 
put the new Spring decor out, I just couldn't 
resist being able to enjoy the peaceful feeling the
front porch gives me. That job is
slated for this weekend. (if it's not
pouring down rain.)
I appreciate you coming by 
for a visit. I hope you'll
pop in on Sunday for the 
reveal of the Master Bedroom
makeover. Yes. folks it
will finally hit the blog. 

Fondly ~ Lynne ~


Lori @ Dining Delight said...

Your porch looks like a wonderful spot to have a morning coffee! The beautiful surrounding yard/view would be one I'd love to reflect on with every sip of my warm brew. I have been tempted to put out our outdoor furniture before scrubbing the patio too - maybe I should take a page from your book and go ahead and enjoy!

Nancy's Notes said...

Lynn, everything looks so delightful and spring like! Oh my heavens, your green plants, they are so healthy looking! I love the green touches in your pillows and such! Great post and wonderful photographs!



Beautiful, beautiful porch, pillows, green ferns hanging and garden, as well as the entrance, dear Lynn.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Glad to see you back! Your porch looks so pretty with the new cushions and ferns.
Enjoy the weekend!

Blondie's Journal said...

Hello, dear friend! Your porch looks lovely. I adore ferns and have them everywhere at the lake where they love the moisture. I put some furniture out on my patio as well. Spring is never ending here but we've had some mild days and I wanted to enjoy them comfortably. So I have a few things to move about later...who cares. Time is precious.

Love your little baby, I'm sure he loves the spring as well!

All the best,

Jane x

Pat said...

Scrubbed or not. . .your porch is a tranquil sight, dear friend!!!
Ferns in urns make my heart swoon!!!
You and Miss Scooter appear to be enjoying the out~of~doors!!!
"Mr. Ed" & I've been doing the same on the back deck!!!
Ah~h~h green has come to the Prairie!!!

Rue said...

Everything looks lovely, Lynne! I would love to have a cup of coffee out there with you. It looks so serene :)


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Lynne ~
Here's hoping you had coffee on your front porch today.
I had a front porch for 22 years, it was wonderful to sit out there and just breath.
I now live in a condo 55+ community, not like my beautiful home with the front porch, but it is home ~ it is beautiful as well.
We live in the upstairs unit, and have 2 small porches ~ my favorite is the balcony off the Master B/R its private and just for two.
I put my flower boxes there for more privacy ~ can't wait to add the flowers.
That will be another post.
So nice to have found your blog. Please stop by mine when you get a minute.
Have a peaceful day.
Much love,