Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Clean Up Therapy It's Good For the Soul

Do you ever have one of those days where you pretty much have everything all lined out? Written down to a science as to just how much you plan on getting done through out the day? I'm a list maker and try my best to stick to the list and get a few things marked off through out the day, well..... this was one of those days that just went bonkers, I re-directed my self, skipped off the grid completely went outside to regroup. Now don't get excited, I'm not throwing stones or boulders,
I'm getting rid of the frustration of a game plan I was working on inside that just sort of fell apart, so what better way to work off one's frustrations than to go outside and cut back some over growing foliage. Right?     WARNING:  I'm talking A LOT of foliage and over growth.
Yes, you were warned, there is a A LOT of clean up to do around here. It seems the last few years I got just a wee tad bit behind. A WEE BIT! OK quite a bit behind. Even with all this heat I've been outside every spare minute, either trimming on trees, bushes or areas like the one you see here.

I was amazed at what I discovered laying underneath all the pushy ground cover.
A couple of elves my daughter and I painted in a ceramics class oh so many years ago.
The gorgeous lava rock a client brought home from Oregon. Isn't it a beauty? At least what you can see of it.
I wondered what happened to that Shepard's hook, it too was buried. Another one of those things I lay down while working go off and forget to put it away properly. I can see a HUGE garage sale in the making.
I know all you see is ground cover, patience my friends, what's hiding underneath will soon be revealed.
Now... this about broke my heart. You all know how I love my bunnies. I can't even tell you how long the foliage has hidden this concrete cutie. :-(

Taa-Dah!!! This stately beauty was hidden at the far end of the concrete planter box. I'm so glad I can at least salvage the rooster.

 I've gotten tons accomplished the last few days. I have bruised arms, to show for all the tree trimming and the brush hauling. After a few restless nights of some major itching, I had to make a trip to the doctor to get a shot and pills for some MAJOR poison ivy or oak, folks I don't go to the doctor so you know this stuff was bad. The meds have kicked in the stuff is drying up and I'm back at the clean up process. I have a ways to go, what I have gotten done sure looks nice. I ask myself why oh why did I put it off for so long.

I want to thank everyone for there sweet comments and support on my last posting. Your support and prayers mean the world to us. I continue to ponder and worry praying an answer will magically appear, in the mean time, I'll keep busy outside with all the clean up.
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Bonnie said...

So sorry about the poison. Bad stuff.

The good thing is you accomplished a lot. It does feel good to get some major things done.

Working hard is good therapy. Please do know people are praying for you. I certainly am.

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

Too bad your bunny broke, but it happens. I knocked over a small guardian angel and her head broke off! I felt weird about that one! I like to do something that exerts energy to burn off frustration. I think it's healthier than sitting around feeling miserable! We're preparing a garage sale for Saturday. I forgot how much work it can be, plus we're having our first heat wave!

Jim said...

Great shots.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

I needed to work outside today, but just to hot. Lots to be done inside - but one of those days.
Sorry about your bunny.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos and good for you transferring your energy outside and doing 'creative clean up' ~ Happy Week to you ^_^

Pat said...

You sound like me when I begin in the Gardens, dear friend!!!
Warning. . .I always find a Snake!!!
I have a sensitive sense of smell.
I usually can smell when I get near one, call for assistance from "Mr. Ed"
(after all, what's a Master Gardener for?) and he takes care of the disposal!!!
Love the ivy in your garden.
Who knew such treasures lie beneath its lush green layers???
With thought and prayers continuing your way, dear one!!!

Alycia Nichols said...

It's OK to go off course sometimes. I am an avid list maker, too, but sometimes you just have to go rogue!

I am SO SORRY about the poison ivy!!!!!!! Yikes! That has to be SO annoying and painful...and itchy!!! :-(

Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

"OMG poison ivy - i can't even walk by but what it jumps on me -yekkkkkks.
Be careful outside when it's hot - drink lots of water.
Glad you found so many treasure..... take care of your self.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Lynne..I had the worst case of poison ivy in my life at the age of about 11. I thought I was going to die. I swelled up..couldn't eat because my mouth was so swollen..eyes everything. Went to a friends birthday party..they burned it in the fireplace..we think. ALL of the children came down with it..it was a sleep over thing. SO ill. I don't think I can get it anymore because I've touched it accidently and nothing. Is that possible?
Also..I bought two of those vines you have growing all over your yard. I don't know what they are, but they really do grow fast!! Within days, they hit the ground and I had to move them to the back patio in the shade. They had tangled into everything on the front porch..I cut them off, just to the floor..so far, so good. Hang in there..don't get overheated though. :)

Unknown said...

this looks like the garden I bought two years ago. Although my garden was 90 percent weeds and not knowing what posion ivy looked like other then everyone telling me it has "three leaves" I have a lot of things in my garden that have three leaves! It is very rewarding though to tackle these areas and see the improvement.

Anita@Theycallmejammi said...

Poor Bunny. Glad you are getting so much accomplished!

Anonymous said...

good to see this post!! what a shame giving up these cute stuffs!

edvard munch schrei

Yellow Rose Arbor said...

Looks like I'm not the only one with an overwhelming project at hand. Yard work is hard but such good therapy, gives a nice sense of accomplishment when finished. Also a good place to meditate and pray!