Wednesday, April 10, 2013

~ Garden Ornaments On the Dining Room Table ~

I can hardly believe this is Wednesday already. I hope you are having a super week so far. Ours has been craazzy. Sunday Mr. P had surprise visitors for his 80th birthday. The small celebration
continued through Monday with a visit to the doctor's office for regular blood work and a few tests being ordered. Those tests are scheduled all the way into June, that's a lot of trips into Kansas City folks. It will be nice to get out of our small town on a regular basis for a while. We did make a side trip on the way home at a fun BBQ place, I'll share those pictures in the next couple of days. This is the first time I've gotten him to eat out in over a year.

The last few days have been quite cloudy around here bringing some much needed Spring rains our way. The grass is getting so green and lush looking, it won't be long and I'll be spending a lot of time outside mowing, trimming and enjoying the birds singing. I know I'm ready are you?
Changing the vignette out on the dining room table happens almost daily around here. Thinking outside the box I brought in the blue gazing ball for a garden feel. Naturally I gravitate towards blue and white. Blue and white always seems so crisp and clean to me. 
It's still too early for fresh hydrangeas, so I pulled some faux ones out of my stash. The blue and white compote with it's cute little feet seemed to soften the harshness of the metal stand that holds the gazing ball.
Adding some whimsy the blue and white bunny comes into the scene. I've had him/her for many many years. He hops from room to room as my mood dictates.

Mixing of metals, iron and ceramic make for an interesting centerpiece, will it stay this way for long? Many of you know that isn't the case. After a long day in the office and shop my down time at night is playing with my accessories and dreaming up new vignettes. How do you relax in the evenings?

Fondly ~ Lynne ~
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Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary said...

Hi Lynn, it looks great. I would have never thought to bring in my ball from the garden, but it looks terrific.
What do I do at night - well after working for 50+ years I watch TV or a small project.
Happy Spring - take it easy.

Nancy @ The Headmistress said...

Blue and white: you can never go wrong. And the use of the gazing ball (such a southern term!) adds so much. It's beautiful, Lynne!

Susan said...

How creative to use the gazing ball! Your blue and white is very pretty!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Pretty! I have always liked the cobalt blue with just white.
Down time? Usually on the computer.:)

Alycia Nichols said...

This is pretty, Lynne! I love the combination of rustic iron with smooth ceramic. It's a really pleasing look to the eye to see the differences. The gazing ball is a great touch, too!

If you need any recommendations on places to eat in the Kansas City area, just let me know! I'm glad you guys got some BBQ. Don't know if you got it IN KC, but you know that's what we're known for! We live in a suburb of KC, so we have to drive into the city to get decent BBQ. Nothing out here even BEGINS to rival that you can pick up IN the city! I don't imagine it would work out for us to meet up while you're here since you're trying to get serious things done, but if ever the opportunity presents itself, I'd be thrilled to meet you somewhere!

Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. P. 80 is a big birthday!!! I'm glad you guys had a chance to eat out to celebrate, even if it meant you had to couple that with a pesky doctor's appointment.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy your yard work! :-)

Brenda said...

Our favorite BBQ place in Kansas City is Oklahoma Joe's. I am waiting to see your post to see if that is the BBQ you ate on your outing.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! i love this blue and white combination!!
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