Tuesday, March 5, 2013

~ Winter Lake ~

Hello everyone, each morning my routine is generally the same after taking care of the dogs the first thing I do is look outside my dining room window to see what the day has in store for us. Whatever the weather I'm never disappointed, the view is always breathtaking. I feel so blessed to be able to look towards the beautiful lake Mr. P built so many years ago. This morning was exceptionally beautiful, the sun played it's magic across the clear blue waters. 
the warmer temperatures the snow is slowly starting to disappear. Before the last snow storm the geese had started their yearly track across the lake, Mother goose built her nest on the island. Their such messy creatures but so entertaining. I haven't had a chance to go down to see if the nest is still there, it's a yearly treat to see if any of the babies survive. If we have heavy rains the lake floods the island and takes out the nest if Mother Goose hasn't already moved them to higher ground.

I wish you were here to enjoy this captivating view, there isn't a day that doesn't go by I feel so blessed to take in it's beauty on a daily basis.

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Far Ago Farm said...

Gorgeous! Mother Nature is the best designer. :) Jane

Phyllis @Around the House said...

What a wonderful view, wish I had that to look up at each morning, I bet the seasons changing is so wonderful to see from your window..

Blondie's Journal said...

I would love to wake up to a view like this everyday! I know geese are messy, but they are just so cute!

Have a great day, Lynne. Snowy here.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful Lynne!

We are in Branson...actually Big Cedar. Went shopping and had breakfast in Branson this morning. There is absolutely no snow here! We still had a bunch when we left home yesterday. Michelle wrote there was sleet this morning.

Lots of Tornado rebuilding on the Branson strip. Looks a tad bit different.

Your lake looks about like the lake at Xanti's G'pa Bump's. That is where she plans to be married in a couple of weeks.:-)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Enjoyed the pictures. So pretty to see - but sure do not want the snow here.
Enjoy your evening.

Nancy @ The Headmistress said...

Oh, Lynne: how we miss the midwest in the winter, especially now. It has been some time that we have had a significant snow in our area (northeast WI). I miss it so. Thank you for letting me experience vicariously through your lovely photographs!

Ebie said...

Sigh, we have to drive up to the mountains to see some snow! Lovely wintery whites!

Marlee said...

Beautiful view! It lightly snowed here in Mississippi on Saturday but didn't stick.

Brenda said...

That is a lovely lake. There is something so beautiful and tranquil about the water. I would love to have that beautiful view.

Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

A very pleasant view, Lynne.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Lynne, that is a beautiful view. You are so wise to consider it a blessing in your life. The view from my house right now is the pool with green water in it. I'm telling everyone we colored it for St. Pat'sDay. I guess I'll have to get out there and clean it up after St. Pat's Day! laurie