Sunday, March 24, 2013

~ Palm Sunday Snow Storm ~

Hello my friends, Even though the calendar says Spring , Mother Nature's fickle personality has done it again. We were hit with yet another Winter snow storm, I wonder if this is the last of them for the season. They were predicting up to 9" for our area, I'm not sure how much we've gotten or how they can even do an accurate reading with all the wind, I'm sure someone will let us know how much snow we've gotten this time around the May Pole of weather predictions.

With this being Palm Sunday many of us would be in church celebrating the triumphant entry into Jerusalem, the beginning of Holy week. Many of our churches are closed due to the snow storm, so we're staying in and will worship at home. 

Hot tub anyone? I think I'll wait a day or so.
I'm never surprised with the view of the lake and it's beauty, today is another perfect example. I failed to capture the geese swimming, Mother Goose has had her babies and takes them on a daily walk and swim, they are the cutest things. Fingers crossed I'll be able to capture their cuteness to share with all of you.

Sprigs of pampas grass normally cut down around the 15th of the month with stands the brutal winds and damp snow.

Mother Nature's tablescape.

The last snow storm left heavy snow on the roof for days, I watched as it slowly slid off, only to take out the bench sitting down below. You can't see it now, but to the left of the wagon wheel there's a pile of snow underneath that pile is the damaged bench. {sigh}

Hopefully, the next shot of the watering can will be filled with Spring flowers instead of snow beauty.
The front porch which faces South wasn't forgotten, snow decorating continues.

You didn't think I would leave my beloved bunnies out of a post did you? I was amazed the bunny was snow covered on the side that faces the house, not the exposed side where all the wind is coming from. There's no end to what Mother Nature and her fickle personality can bestow upon us.
Fondly ~ Lynne~
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Glenda/MidSouth said...

Pretty pictures - but I am now freezing from just looking at them. :-D No snow here, but it is dark, dreary, wet and cold. :/
Enjoy your Sunday.

Marigene said...

It is beautiful right after the that we have seen the beauty of it, it can melt! We got between about 9" here in east/central Kansas.

Bonnie said...

Your snow pictures are very pretty but I am sad you were not able to go to church today. But you have a song in your heart and your pictures depict the marvel of God's glory and creation and power.

Your spring will come and I look forward to those pictures.

Have a wonderful Easter.