Friday, February 22, 2013

~ What A Difference A Day Makes ~

Hello everyone, What a difference a day makes in our part of the country. On Wednesday I enjoyed taking shots of the cardinal floating in and out of the bird feeder, it's become my favorite past time lately, as long as they are out there and I'm in here. My fear of birds runs long and deep, their beauty wins out and I take as many shots of them as I can from the inside out.
The snow
storm of 2013 hit as predicted a little before 7 a.m.. They predicted we could have 2-3 inches an hour, the prediction was right on target.
Just a short hour later this is the result.
Did I tell you I got a new camera? ( Thanks to my beautiful daughter) Oh my goodness I'm so in love with it. The camera and I are still getting use to each other, it's going to be a while before I know all the functions and capabilities, these were taken from behind the breakfast room window. I would call this the first stages of a white out.

Miss Cardinal appears to be watching the show off skills of Mr. Cardinal.

I took a few shots of the patio area outside the shop door. I don't believe we'll be sitting at this table in the next day or so, let alone putting together a tablescape.

I'm always amazed at the beauty snow can create on outside decor. With the winds we had and heavy snowfall there will be a bit of clean up that has to be done, branches are down and a few objects blown over.
While working in the dining room something caught my attention and I noticed this little guy playing on the ceiling fan on the front porch. I rushed from room to room to capture his playfulness. He was the funniest thing, jumping from blade to blade as the wind spun him around in circles. I guess even the birds have to have a bit of fun.

Some people in our home weren't effected by the storm at all. Miss Scooter knowing she isn't suppose to lay anywhere on the sofa except her towel, chooses to lie upside down and put her feet on the sofa.. hmmmm might have to place the towel in a different manner. lol

Our lane of about an 1/8 of mile still isn't cleared out, so there won't be much traffic coming and going at our place. The drive in front of the garages have to be shuffled, I started yesterday hope to finish today, after all there isn't any real big hurry is there? This was a rough storm for our area, lots of business' were shut down as well as the schools, it's going to be a day or so before things are cleared off and everything open again. If you have to be out and about, take it slow and easy with the skiff of snow we had last night the streets are still quite slick.
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Sarah said...

I'd want to be inside with all that snow around. Stay warm and cozy........Sarah

Marigene said...

I don't like all this snow...we got about 10" in east/central Kansas. It was pretty right after it stopped snowing and everything was so pristine...I think we are due a little more on Monday. I am so looking forward to spring and some green!
Have a great weekend, Lynne.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Wow - You did get a lot of snow. We were fortunate and just had the rain, but there was some ice on overpasses, etc. early yesterday morning.
Great shots - enjoy your new camera.
Enjoy your weekend.

Houzstyle said...

Love the photo. Stay warm.

Marie said...

Lovely photos! What kind of camera did you get? I love taking photos of cardinals too, although they are difficult to catch sometimes. Looks like you got the same weather we had yesterday. Thanks for sharing - I love bird pics!