Sunday, February 3, 2013

~ Putting Some Fashion At the Kitchen Sink ~

I've spent most of my weekend cleaning out what I hope are unimportant objects on the computer. For some reason they seem to have attached themselves to my blog. I've reached out continually for help so decided to address the situation myself. So far I'm not noticing anything I've deleted effecting the performance of the computer, if anything they are both running a lot faster. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the blog is up and running fine. If any of you continue to have problems leaving comments please contact me and let me know. The next step will be taking them both into the city to have a complete diagnostic test run on them. I'm hoping I don't have to do that, I don't feel comfortable going off and leaving Mr. P for any length of time nor do I want that added expense.

As I look out my kitchen window each day I read this small plaque my daughter mailed right before Mother's Day last year. I'm touched to know she thinks of me as her friend as well as her mother. Being 14 hours away from her and my Bailey hasn't been easy for any of us, there are a lot of emails, sending lots of texts and phone calls. Not quite the same, thank goodness for modern technology.
Not long ago I realized things at the kitchen sink just weren't right. I had a few problems with the Olive bottle I was using for the Dawn dish detergent.

We were in the habit of leaving the dish detergent liquid sitting on the sink. I truly disliked the nasty yucky bottle. You can see that post HERE . The Olive bottle worked fine for a while, then boom the rubber grommet that held it in tightly broke, split right down the side and I was left with a bottle and no spritzer top. Look all the way to your right, notice the light switch cover?  I had it in my head I wanted decorative light switch covers, looked and looked until I found just the right thing. While taking pictures I realized it stood out like a sore thumb against the white tile.
Voila' I found the wine decanter in the cabinet and for now it's the perfect fit. I love it's shape and the ease of being able to pour detergent right into the sink.
Yes, I changed out the decorative light switch cover for the previous white cover. Now, it doesn't stand out like a sore thumb. It doesn't disappear completely, but at least it blends more now, gives things a cleaner look.

Thanks for stopping by to see the small change, I hope you decide to put some fashion at your kitchen sink.

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Glenda/MidSouth said...

I like the idea of using the pretty decanter. I did not realize your daughter and grand lived that far from you. I have to take the time and give my computers a good clean out also, and run malware and antivirus scans, Did one this morning on the notebook as it was doing strange things shortly after I turned it on.
Have a great week.

Blondie's Journal said...

This looks great, Lynne. We spend so much time at our sinks, they have to be functional and pleasing to the eyes. I like the decanter for your soap, nice idea.

I hope you clear up your computer woes.