Wednesday, January 23, 2013

~ Some Retail Therapy ~

You may recall the other day I told you we'd be making a trip into Kansas City for a doctor's appointment for Mr. P. For those of you not familiar with our area it's a 50 mile drive one way. For convenience I could switch to our local doctors, if I do that we'd never get out of Richmond. So.. off we went on a very cold and cloudy morning. The doctor's visit went fine, all is stats are where they are suppose to be, next scheduled appointment is in March. Now, the poor guy has that nasty flu that's going around, makes a person want to stay out of a doctor's office. 

On the way back I cut through a little area where my daughter used to live. Kansas City is know as the City of Fountains, reported to have more than Rome, with over 250 around the area that's a lot of beauty; you can read up on the fountains in our area HERE  
I've sat at this stop light many times trying to get a shot of the fountain with out traffic being in the shot, thank goodness for a long light and traffic thinning long enough for me to grab this shot. You can see all the the frozen mounds, I've seen the frozen sculpture a lot higher, just wasn't lucky enough to get a decent shot. 

After leaving the doctor's
office, Mr. P said he was fine to sit in the truck for just a bit while I splattered (yes he said splattered lol) around one of my favorite stores. You know it, I stopped at Nell Hill's. I was like a kid in a candy store.
 As I walked around a couple of things captured my attention. There's something about a buffalo check that makes me smile.
You know I always gravitate towards dishware. Mary Carol always has a table or two set up with the most unique centerpieces being the star of the table.

The garden spirals were quite tall, they sure made a statement.
I loved the fabric on the sweet bench, you know I love me some blue and white.

The china was so happy and bright. Yes, I have to report I was a VERY good girl and didn't purchase a single dish. {sigh}
I've been contemplating way in the back of my mind about changing up the bedding in our home. We've had the same thing for years and years. I still love what we have, maybe that's a reason I haven't gotten too serious about making any changes. The mix of prints on the bed made me smile. Growing up we never would have thought about mixing patterns on a bed.
This gorgeous blue and white comforter could make me replace all of our bedding. I can see it with pillows of mixed fabric designs. Look all the way to the right of the picture see the fabulous blue and white lamp, I already have one. Is it a sign? Am I suppose to get more serious abut shopping for new bedding?
This beauty drew me over like fly to honey. The shape and arms remind me of my Grandma.

Can you say gorgeous? I can see this beautiful blue and white toile in my future. The scene is timeless, the color makes me happy, I have a chair in mind I could recover. {sigh}
Before I left the second floor these darling dishes screamed come look at me.
This whole vignette was gorgeous. I adore the shelf and that stately table. Wish I had a spot for this in my home. I passed up buying the plaid bowls, {sigh} I'll probably wished I'd gotten them...
I hope you enjoyed viewing a few of things that captivated my eye. Even though I own a retail gift shop it's always fun to get out and visit other retail shops. I did purchase a couple of things with the gift card I've had since September that had been burning a hole in my pocket, I'll share those with you soon.
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Sheila said...

You made me homesick! I lived my teen years & early married years in Overland Park. Many of our dates were cruising The Plaza in hubby's '62 Chevy & I always loved the fountains!

And Nell Hill's is a favorite of mine too! Looks like you enjoyed your day in the City!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sounds and looks like a nice outing.
Sorry your husband picked up something in the Dr.'s office.

Salmagundi said...

Oh, you know how much I love Nell Hill's. Thanks for taking us on the tour. I love the dishes with the blanket stitches on them. Haven't been to NH's for 18 months - I want to go again!!!! Sally

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

I want, want, want and I simply cannot have, have, have!! I am trying to stay out of stores like that..but there is always the computer..and I can get into trouble there faster than anyone I know.
What CUTE things..especially those plaid bowls...ohhhh... Lynne, think you'll go back? :):)

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Looks like my kind of shop. Love the gingham dishes and linens.

Lee said...

Yeah you fixed it. Now when I leave a comment I don't get the pop ups. Yeah!!!!! Wow Lynne, thanks for the eye candy. I love that you took photos of Nell Hills store. My fav place on earth. Funny we both fell in love with the same chair. I have photos of it too. The little blue and white printed chair with arms, ahhhhhhhh. Love it. So glad you went. So much fun! So jealous!

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Wow, what a lovely store, full of treasure and inspiration. Lots of eye candy for sure. Thank you for sharing this.

Brenda said...

I love those black and white buffalo plaid chairs too. There is just something classic and homey about that plaid.

I'll try to get to Nell Hill's the next time we visit our family in Kansas City. It's an inspiring atmosphere!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

What a great shop, Lynne! I envy you being able to stop into Nell Hill's. That first check chair is wonderful. Love those floral dishes, too. I'm sure I would have been very bad if I had been in there!

Beth said...

I love the pretty china you showed at the gift shop. Stunning!

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

What a sweetie to let you SPLATTER:):) Great store full os things I love too. YOu know I love blue and white too. Wish I had that lamp. I just did buy a new blue and white amp today at HG for the guest bedroom. I got it with a gift card that I have had since August!!!! Have a great weekend, Lynne. XO, Pinky