Thursday, January 26, 2012

~ Salt and Pepper ~

Hi everyone,  It is hard to believe it's the end of January and we've hardly seen any snow. I hope I didn't just jinx us! Right now they're saying it's a gorgeous windy 54 degrees... absolutely beautiful outside.

I'm still busy organizing everything in sight, painting, placing orders like crazy for the shop, tax season is in full swing, clients are coming in right and left,  and at times laying my head down for a short nap. The painting is coming along, although a slow and tedious job. Lots of nail holes to fill and "tons" of furniture, heavy furniture to move. I'm definitely getting my work out in.

Some would call this nesting, I'm not sure what you call it, I just know I have energy to burn and see lots of projects that need to be completed. There hasn't been one area, (except for the garage) that hasn't been touched, that's only  'cause it's been just a tad too chilly for my little 'ole body to be out there working on all that mess!  LOL

My love of silver has taken on a whole new dimension, I've pulled out pieces that have been stored away for years, using them in different manners than they were intended to be used for. For years the salt and pepper shakers by the stove were clear with a light baby blue lid.. GHASTLY, now that I think about it.. I know I'd only had them for almost 24 years.. guess I don't get in a hurry to get rid of things huh? (they officially were cleaned up and went into the garage sale box, they'll go to someone's home that will love them as much as I did). lol

Yes, I finally caved and bought a new set of salt and pepper shakers, I gave $2.97 for the set. Now I ask
you, why hadn't I done this years ago? Setting the pair on the silver edged glass dish, is so warm and welcoming to me.
Such a simple change made a huge difference in the way my little counter looks each day to me. :-))
Until next time....


PAT said...

It's cold and damp today, but I could not stay at home one more day, so away we went around 10am. J had his protime,then it was TJ Maxx, Tuesday Morning, where we ran into J's cousin's daughter and did some catching up. Then it was HomeGoods, where we bought a rug and then Lowe's for a ladder and lightbulbs. Guess that shows what we will do next LOL.
Yes, I've done a tad bit of nesting between the napping the past couple of weeks.
I hope your 54 degrees flies eastward and arrives here soon!

Stella said...

Like the clean new look of your S & P. Funny how the smallest thing can make such a difference. Sounds like you have been very busy. I was enjoying the weather today as I painted furniture outside. All the time I was thinking. It's going to come anytime now. Have a fruitful week.

Dolores said...

Please send me your energy..... I need some. I have been busy though...sorting, disposing and cleaning.

I LOVE the silver tray and the simplicity of the salt and pepper shakers.

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Lynne, you and I are doing the same "nesting" things!!! Our daughter and SIL move in this weekend so I have been a BUSY BEE, like you!!!!! Unlike you, I got rid of all my silver many years ago. Just didn't think I would ever use it. Now, how I wish I had saved some. I had a BEAUTIFUL tea set:(:( Oh well, live and learn, huh??? How is Mr. P. doing?? XO, Pinky

lvroftiques said...

Lynne I think we got the snow and wind for ya! *winks* We've had a few days of power outs and it's been no fun at all.
I have managed to pinterest between the power outs though *winks* And I find myself so inspired by all the lovely vignettes over there...I can see you've got the bug too *winks* Love all the silver too! And why not put it out where you can enjoy it?Yours looks great!

Ummm girlfriend I don't have nearly your energy...Could you please turf some of that to me? *winks* Vanna

BECKY said...

Hi Lynne! Thanks for sharing your S&P Shakers! I just posted a photo on my blog the other day of my newest set. Please stop by and see them! Also, PLEASE send me some of your sunshine. It's been so cloudy, rainy, and dreary here...I'm getting SAD!

Gloria said...

Here in CT it hasn't been too bad either -- we had six inches of snow over the weekend, but then with the warm weather the next day and the day after, it all melted! (No complaints from me.) Like your new salt & pepper shakers, they match that nice display plate. But the blue ones sounded cute too!

Lee said...

Love the new header! Beautiful.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Your new header is lovely. I will be so happy to learn how to do those...right now I depend on others..and it costs but it is worth it since I cannot do them myself.
Sweet little tray and salt and peppers... I have been doing the same thing..fluffing like crazy.

bee bon said...

Lynne I love the new look, very cool
Bee x

Designs on 47th Street said...

It really is the litle things, isn't it? I enjoy being in my home so much that it doesn't take much change to make me happy with what I see. You have been really busy!!

We hit 69* yesterday! wowzers!

xinex said...

That tray is so beautiful, Lynne. You can come help me when I get home cause I sure have lots to do...Christine