Friday, August 31, 2012

~ Enjoying Simple Pleasures ~

Wow! You all know how to make a gal's head spin. I cannot thank you enough for all the wonderful comments about the shop and the transformation it's made. You know how to put the icing on the cake, the twinkle in the fireworks, the sparkle in my eyes and make my heart sing. Everyone needs a pat on the back and you all gave me mine.. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You!!!

The saga continues with the insurance company. A week ago tomorrow
they came to lay the new base shoe around the flooring in the powder room, new trim around the door facings and the weather stripping at the door. They had the name of the paint and the paint color, Joey the repairman showed me he had the correct name color on his phone via email sent from me to them. He left to go and get said paint, came back said he had to buy the whole gallon and preceded to get started. I was visiting with a customer didn't think anymore about it.. went in and found caulking on the new flooring. He had to clean that up, went back to customer, he continued his painting. A while later he came out said he was finished, I checked not pleased with paint job he left. The can of paint was left outside the door, again didn't think to check the name on the paint can. That evening I decided to paint the interior wall door on the powder room using that paint. Quickly discovered it's the WRONG color. It's a base paint: Dew Base, not the BRIGHT WHITE. Scream! I sent a not so nice email to the main contractor and he said he would have to get with Joey and find out, asked if it matched. Did it match? I said NO quite firmly and loudly, how can it match when it's a base with no color added. I haven't heard a word from them since. This a.m. a phone call from the restoration gal about pictures, that's a story for another day. This has turned into more of a nightmare than any of you can imagine. Again, NEVER EVER use a contractor your Insurance Adjuster recommends, they don't care, knowing they'll probably never see you again. I can't tell you what a mess my stomach has been over the course of the last 2 months, yes all of this happened on June 30th. This shouldn't have been such a convoluted mess that it's turned out to be.
So... to calm my nerves and anger I continue to spend each evening on the porch. The coleus is thriving as well as the ferns. I couldn't resist sharing the blooms from the coleus before cutting. The lavender flower is so pretty and rich against the deep green of the leaves. 

I wanted to share an updated picture of the West end of the porch. Through out all of the extreme heat we've had the Boston Ferns have flourished. The pictures truly don't do them justice.

I purchased the bakers rack about 20 years or so. It's floated from my home to my daughters home, to my granddaughters home back to me. Did you keep up with the traveling baker's rack? It works great on the West end to use for displaying some pieces I've had for years. It's still a work in progress, looks to me like it needs a lot of work. :-)) Funny how pictures tell the true story isn't it?

Thanks for stopping by to read the never ending saga about the Insurance issue. Hopefully the month of September will put an end to it and I "we" can move on. Can you believe this is the last big weekend of the Summer? It has sure flown by, I'm not sure about you but I'm ready for Fall and all the warmth it brings to our homes. What are your plans for this big holiday weekend? Please be safe and have a great one. 
Hugs ~lynne ~
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Blondie's Journal said...

What a shame about the paint. I agree...don't use what the insurance company recommends, they will take the cheap way out. I hope you get your problem resolved. Nothing like time in the garden to soothe your nerves. Your ferns are gigantic! I love ferns and have several at the lake. I bring them in over the winter and luckily, they have survived. I just love your porch and that baker's rack is fabulous, sort of like the traveling pants!!

Have a good weekend! :)


Myra said...

Good luck with the insurance contractors. We had a floor water damage issue this summer. After trying to find our own contractor we settled for the insurance contractor. The four day job turned into twelve days and still not finished with a really bad job developing. With an additional two days and still substandard results they were finished. I just wanted them out of here. Then the contractor wanted us to sign a "satisfaction" statement for the insurance company. Well that didn't happen!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sorry things have not gone smoother for you. It is bad enough when you have to deal with the damage, but then have to deal with incompetents. The very reason I have work that needs to be done and just don't want to deal with it all.
Enjoy your weekend.

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Oh gosh, Lynne, I'm sorry that this saga just continues for you. Hopefully, this will be the end of the negatives. On the bright side...your porch looks great!! I dream of porches like that!!

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Oh honey, I am hoping this mess gets fixed SOON and you get some peace and a good result!!!!I love the flowers that coleus produce too. Your ferns are GORGEOUS!!!! XO, pinky