Tuesday, August 23, 2011

~ Regular Guests ~

The last few days around here have been filled with storm after storm, lots of lightening, winds, heavy rains and now hot temperatures return. The tale end of August the last few years have graced us with those types of happenings.
I've noticed through out the last few storms, our turkeys have become "regular" visitors once again.  It amazes me how they stand out in the middle of the storm oblivious to their surroundings. I took these pictures after the storm had passed and the sun came out, unlike the turkeys I'm not fond of standing out in the rain. :-))
Thank you for stopping in today to say hello. I'm off to do some more painting, I know, I thought I was done, "almost".. I believe this is the last area of the house that gets a fresh coat of paint, I hope to share this transformation with you soon. Susan, thank you for hosting this great event each week.


Richard Cottrell said...

Love the turkeys. we have a flock that are always seen on the side of the highway. I stop get out to take a pictures as I think it would be good for Thanksgiving. By this time they have wondered off, under cover. Thanks, Richard from My old Historic House.

Karen said...

Lynne, loved looking at the turkeys and seeing the product of the rain (the green grass)! Lots of our family in LA are really suffering for no rain & heat. Hope you are doing well.

PAT said...

We haven't had many of the storms. They sort of drift in and out quickly with little moisture.

Not looking forward to the return of triple digit temps. I was getting spoiled!:-)

xinex said...

Great photos, Lynne!...Christine

Blondie's Journal said...

We had a lot of rain today...just a nice downpour and I love that since I don't have to water my flowers!! ;-D

The turkeys are fun to look at. Are they really mean? I see a few in odd place up at the lake, they must be a farm nearby that they escape from.

Good luck with the painting!


Jane said...

How very cool!

In our lake house, we came home to 11 turkeys perched on the ridge peak of the house. Just one time...never saw them again...

My name is Riet said...

LOve the sight f those tyrkeys. Great shots

LindyLouMac said...

Oh I have never seen turkeys in the wild before.

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Oh dear! I look out my front door, and cars speed by. Neighbors within a stones throw on either side. Airplanes fly overhead. Helicopters, LOUD ones.
And then I come on and see such scenes as you have. WILD turkey's. In California Wild Turkey is a liquor. :) Well, it is!

Dolores said...

Sure wish we'd get some rain!!!
It's so nice to see green grass in your pictures.....everything here is turning brown.
Neat turkey pictures

Light and Voices said...

Jeepers those turkeys must be hungry. Usually they run like the dickens and I can not get a shot of them at all. My hat goes off to you to be patient and wait and then take the photograph.
Joyce M

afternoon tea said...

Oh, I LOVE wild turkeys. I wish we had them here. we've been having a regular "guest" here also, but not anything as nice as turkeys. Just a bear who is wreaking havoc on our young trees.