Friday, September 3, 2010

~~ Reflections~~

Last evening I found myself going for a walk, a bit of time just for me; a time to reflect. Walking off frustrations, disappointments and anger is a great stress relief for me, it's good for the soul. As I took off I had my dandy companion Murphy and the 'ole camera. I want to share some of the things I noticed, some for the first time in a long time. lol

The first thing I noticed were the Crepe Myrtle bushes. They finally started blooming last week, fortunately the heavy winds and rains we had the other night didn't wash these blooms away.

On the north side of the house is a small pond of sorts. The bright yellow caught my eye and drew me in that direction.

You can see these blooms are incredible. Notice the little visitor?
The gentle breeze blew the cattails back and forth with an eerie feel.

I also noticed the concrete post from an old house Mr. P tore down a few years ago. The crusty concrete and small cracks starting seem to tell a story.

Each spring I splurge on Boston Ferns to go in several areas around our home. One of those places is at the back door. We're back door people, so this one greets you each time you come and go. I've had one hear each year for 14 years. It loves this little corner, almost touching the ground, it seems to shield the hosta. Creeping Jenny is also taking over this corner, I love the iridescent green shades she throws off. I've had the old concrete shoe for almost 26 years. The only thing I've been able to grow in it is hens and chickens. The Boston fern has grown so much those little beauties are hidden. :-))
To the right peeking out from the fern prongs is a concrete ball.

If I hadn't gone on this walk I wouldn't have noticed the chipping and cracking that seems to be occurring.

You didn't think I wouldn't show at least 1 bunny did you? lol I got this beauty about 30 years ago at a friends estate sale, it belonged to her mother. Made of some sort of heavy weight plastic, I filled it with sand and it's been out in our yard in each of our homes ever since.
His little eyes are just darling. :-))
I had forgotten how tattered his little ears were. A few years ago we had a lab Mr. P named Lady. Lady was not a dog to stay at home, she wandered the area at night and ended up gracing our home with 5 puppies. Now, 2 dogs wouldn't have been bad, but 5 puppies at once was a night mare, especially since they chewed up and on everything, my bunny is one of those things. I recall them dragging it from the back of the house to the front of the house out to the middle of the yard where the flag pole stood. Now, these puppies were determined little things, this bunny weighs a ton. Guess you can say it has some extra character now. lol

I love old boulders , Mr. P brought several home for me, this is just a couple of them. The ground cover creeping out between the layers is an extra bonus.

As I walked along the wind whistling drew my attention to the small windmill, a gift from my daughter many years ago. Although you could hear the wind whistling through the blades, they weren't turning.
I didn't realize until after I took the picture you could see the half moon lawn ornament peeking through the blades.

Notice the great finial?
After all these years I had no idea the finial was actually a fleur-di-lis! Isn't it amazing the things you notice when you actually take the time to look?
The old hand pump reminds me of the one I use to play with each weekend I was at Grandma's house. Those memories are some of the sweetest ones I have growing up.
I also noticed the beauty of the hosta's still blooming.

Reflection is a wonderful thing. I hope you take time this weekend to reflect upon your surroundings and enjoy the little things. Have a safe and happy weekend.

hugs ~lynne~


Kathysue said...

GM Lynne, what a wonderful way to spend my morning, walking through your eyes!!God be with you Lynne, Kathysue

Anne Fannie said...

I truly enjoyed walking through your beautiful yard and looking at all the pretty things! Great pictures too I must say!
Hugs, Ann

Blondie's Journal said...

Beautiful blooms and neat treasures throughout your yard!! I love your ferns, I really work hard to keep mine healthy; I have to bring them in for the winter so they have to adjust and sometimes I lose one...

Hope you are having a fabulous holiday weekend!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

Thanks for taking us along on your walk. I was surprised your crepe myrtles just recently bloomed, as the ones here started blooming in June. I just came in from watering, and saw a
beautiful butterfly, but as usual did not have my camera with me. Will I every learn.
Take care.

Karen said...

I enjoyed going on the walk with you. The creeping jenny I am envious for. Mine barely creeps. Wrong spot I guess. The yellow flowers are beautiful. Have a great weekend.

susan said...

Lynne-Hey friend, I have not visited in a while and just came to see how you are. This walk was a good thing...time to breathe, look, and ponder. You got some great photos and made me smile. Labs, particularly puppies can and will eat anything. We have had our share. It just gives the bunny character...kind of like us as we get older :)

Pinky said...

Thanks for the tour sweet Lynn. Hope you are having a great weekend. Love, P

Dolores said...

Good morning Lynne,
This was such a lovely walk on this Labor Day morning. You have so many pretty and unique treasures, and beautiful flowers.
Hope you all are doing well!

xinex said...

Thanks for taking us along on your walk, Lynne. You have so many interesting things to see in your garden. Of course you know I love the bunny....Christine

Sharing with Sherri said...

Lynne, you're right... it's always good to take the time to think about the things we have to be grateful for, things we need to change in our lives and to appreciate the beauty that God has given us to enjoy!

You have so many beautiful things in your surroundings, I especially love the beautiful Boston fern! You must be blessed with a very green thumb!

Have a great week!
Hugs, Sherri:)