Wednesday, July 22, 2009

~~Bunny Comes A Calling On~~~ Tablescape Thursday~~~

Can you all believe it's Tablescape Thursday already? Where has this week gone too? Well, ladies and gents you are in for a treat. Slip right on over to Susan's at for a full list of participants and inspiration.

Last weekend we had some unexpected company for the weekend. While they were still sleeping I got busy and started playing with my dishes. After all, a gal's gotta do what she's gotta do right? Last Spring I stopped in Cracker Barrel on a mission to find a bunny chalkboard like I had seen on Pat's blog. She had purchased it a while back, and I was in hopes they might do a repeat of the product. No such luck. Have to admit I was a bit disappointed. While there I looked around and spotted these dishes. Most of you know how I "love" bunnies. Immediately, they screamed take me home. How could I not listen to them? So while everyone was still sleeping I started pulling out a service for one. Selfish? Nah... remember they were still sleeping. lol I started with the brown charger. I thought the texture went well with the design of the dishes.

Notice the design on the inside of the cups? The details are incredible. It almost appears like the bunny is sniffing the edge of the cup. lol
I topped the dinner plate with this oval shaped desert plate.
I'm sure many of you recognize the flatware. A Target find last summer. I thought the bronze colored flatware went well with the brown toned dishes. I love, love, love the details of the metal work. Don't you love a bargain? Especially, when it doesn't "look" like a bargain. lol

I chose the placemats with the pastel colors. They were purchased at TJ. Maxx as well as the yellow napkins. The small chick and egg salt and pepper shakers were too cute to pass up.
I"m not "real" sure what these cute little shaped items are suppose to be for. Possibly an egg holder? I chose to put candles in them. I had to hurry a bit, you can the wind was starting to pick up. I puts some "faux" foliage in this beautiful urn for the center piece. Now, don't chase me down and beat me up because I used faux greenery. Remember, I'm doing this in the early a.m. hours before company wakes up and I have to start

Hi, Mr. Bunny!!

Isn't the basket weaved edge incredible?

A shot from above

After taking most of the pictures I stood back and critiqued the table. I thought maybe the charger was a bit too heavy looking for the table setting. I pulled it and took a few more pictures. I think I prefer it without the charger.

Another close up.. Isn't this bunny just too cute for words?

What do you folks think? With the charger?
Or without the charger?

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope you enjoyed being here as much as I enjoyed having you. Don't forget to swing over to Susan's for a full list of participants and their tables full of inspiration. Susan, thanks once again for hosting another Tablescape Thursday..
hugs ~lynne~


Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Lynne,
Those cracker barrell bunny dishes are just the cutest and you have created such a lovely table! I like it better without the charger,but either way looks fabulous! I love the cracker barrell pretties, hugs, Cindy

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Hey girl me thinking out loud again...but I like it better without the charger...Love those dishes my dear friend...May you have a great day....hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Susan (Between Naps On The said...

Love this, Lynne! That is the cutest china!!! Love the little bunny peeping around the cup with the tiny butterfly inside. :-)
Happy never disappoint, girlfriend!

Salmagundi said...

Those dishes are too cute! Love the basketweave edge to be the focus, so I prefer without the charger. I bet those dishes will mix and match with other dishes well. Can we expect more future tablescapes with them? Have a good week. Sally

Unknown said...

I love the texture of the charger! I really do... The colors muted of the dishes, which are fabulous by the way, the chargers make them stand out! BEAUTIFUL!
I hope you have a fun rest of the week!
~Really Rainey~

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Lynne, this is just as sweet and cute as can be! I love your bunnies SO much! You really did a good job with this tablescape, and one thing I really love, too, is that precious bird salt! OH, that is CUTE, too! Yes, I can see why you're in tablescapers heaven!

Happy Tablescape Thursday to you!


Sheila :-)

Unknown said...

Beautiful bunny tablescape. I love it! The bunny is so cute and the dishes are so pretty!

Kathryn @ Bonafide Southern said...

I love your little bunnies! I have that pattern in a platter and I adore it. I personally like it with the charger, and I think the little bunny peeping around is just the cutest! Thanks for sharing and happy TT to you!

xinex said...

Hi Lynne! Those bunny dishes are just so cute! You know I love bunnies too. Love the basket weaving on them. Either way works, with or w/o a charger....Christine

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

Oh I love the bunny dishes!!! They are precious!!! You have set such a lovely table...I love it!!!

Happy TT!!!


Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Lynne, this is just so charming and inviting. laurie

Chandy said...

I have those dessert plates and the tea set. Gorgeous aren't they?

You set a lovely table for one.

Melissa Marie said...

I LOVE the bunnies... so adorable. And the basket weave edging on the plates just steals the show...I just love those dishes! :)

Printersdevil said...

I like it with the chargers! Your dishes are adorable. This is such a cute table.

Don't forget to join us on this weekend for the final Christmas in July Tablescape Party on Saturday (some may spill into Sunday since the 25th is Saturday. I am having a real CIJ family dinner on Sunday, but will post my table photos Friday night and Mr. Linky will be up and ready at Playing Dishes.

Printersdevil said...

Okay, I just left a comment and either didn't put in the letters that were required or maybe you have to review them. I have a habit of hitting too soon and loosing comments.

I love the setting with the chargers. the dishes are so pretty and unique.

Don't forget to join us on this weekend for the final Christmas in July Tablescape Party on Saturday (some may spill into Sunday since the 25th is Saturday. I am having a real CIJ family dinner on Sunday, but will post my table photos Friday night and Mr. Linky will be up and ready at Playing Dishes.

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Hi Lynne! What a cute tablescape! Those bunny plates just have your name written all over them! So pretty! Have a wonderful weekend...hugs...Debbie

Jessica said...

Morning Lynne~

This by far is my favorite tablescape~ do I tell you that every week ( winks ) Really, this is the sweetest and so are you. Thank you for your nice comments and entering my giveaway.

Big hugs~ J

Signing Out said...

This is so pretty! The dishes are adorable!


Beth at Aunties said...

Darling tablescape with the bunnies and tiny bird. Liked the butterfly inside the cup:) I too prefer it without the charger for a light airy look. although it looks great with... See. I am no help but do wish a perfect weekend!


A Hint of Home said...

I love the bunny pattern. They are so sweet. I like the beige and brown tones.

Tootsie said...

WITHOUT FOR SURE!!! those dishes are absolutely wonderful friend!!! I am not a huge bunny girl, but I would have picked those up....for sure!
I know what you mean about not taking care of another thing. I am sorry you have so much on your plate girl. I hope you know I am here if you need to chat. You have my email and I will help anyway I can from all the way up here!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

What a pretty setting for one. I really like those dishes - I need to visit Cracker Barrel in the near future. You won't hear me say anything about your faux plants, as I am right there with you.

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hello Dearheart...

Just read the sweet note that you left for my on my "???thingy" post! So happy to hear from you today, Sweetie!!! I hear ya...about being slower to get around Blogland these days! I feel the same way...everything moves too fast for me in this land of blog! hehe! Honey, I can only imagine your trials these know that I always have you and Bill in my prayers!!! Love ya Sweetie!!!

Well my've gone and done it again!!! Hehe! I'm tellin' can set a table like no other!!! and...on such quick notice! Hehe! I just love your new bunny dishes...of course, you know that I have a "thing" for these darling little creatures too!!! I do believe these are the prettiest bunny dishes that I've ever seen though...that little bunny is precious and I love, love, LOVE that basket weave around the rims!!! Such a beautiful place setting, my friend! I love the matching cup and little candle holders too!!! Ooooh...and these pretty bunny dishes look so beautiful on the pastel plaid placemat! Hmmm...I like the place setting both ways...with and without the charger! I think it has a softer look without the charger though! Guess it just depends what you're wanting!!! Love big bunny sniffing the coffee cup...hehe! Beautiful table, Darlin'!!!

Lynne, I read your comment that you left at Gloria's...wondering about how to get a larger font size in your post without enlarging the sidebar font. When you're doing your post...there is a font size option on there (smaller, small, normal, large, or larger) you can click on that option to control the font size of your post! Thought that might help!

Well Darlin'...have a wonderful Thursday! Was wondering if you were still working your shop or if you were letting employees do it?

Love ya Sweetie!!!

KM Studios said...

With the charger- no doubt!

Its a nice layer between the light plates and the light placemat.
It makes those dishes "pop"!!

And I must say - those might be the cuttest dishes I have ever seen!

I also like how you took things with organic patterns (like the weave of the plates) and made it an outside tablescape. It just fits so well with the elements outside.
great Job!!!

think I might start searching for dishesof my own - this could be contageouse.

The Fajdich Times said...

Cute china:)

Eileen said...

This was such a sweet tablescape! I love the set-up, and I agree the place setting looked better without the charger. It showed off so much nicer on the placemat!
Nice job!

santamaker said...

BEE YOU TEA FULL !!!!! Aww, Lynne those are the prettiest dishes are soooooo darn cute. Love the basket weave and that little guy is precious!
Okay, now....on Design Star, you remember the team of two girls, one little cute one with short dark hair and the other, a very attractive African American....they chose to do a big bedroom. Their downfall was that they decided to checkerboard the floor and the taping and painting took most of the time and to top it off, when they peeled off the tape, every was smudged... anyway. The rest of the projects were done in such a hurry it looked awful. Comforters were cut in half and left all shaggy with threads everywhere. The little one, Natalee was sent home. I felt bad,because you could tell they just needed more time. You can go to hgtv and click on On TV, then design star and you can view the main parts of the show. Okey Dokey, you're up to snuff now! :-0

Laura said...

What a great tablescape. I love the dishes. Every Tablescape Thursday I find more things I want!


Jewel Sauls said...

Love the table - I have the dinner plates and egg cups! I am torn about the charger - really like it both ways. :D Jewel

Envoy-ette said...

PERFECTION -- with the charger!
This is so stinking cute, I can't stand it!!! LOL

Melissa Miller said...

Lynne they are the prettiest bunny plates I have ever seen!
My goodness this all looks so pretty. Love the brown woven chargers and the sweet little blue bird. The urn in the center is beautiful as well. LOVE it all!

Thanks so much for your kind words tonight my friend. I always appreciate your sweet visits.

I hope all is well for you and yours. ~Have a blessed weekend.
~Love ya girl, ~Melissa :)

Lori @ Dining Delight said...

Fantastic bunny dishes! I love what you did with them and the bunny sniffing the cup is too cute. You proved that "bunny dishes" aren't just for Easter...they look great in the summer too!


Bill said...

Hi Lynne,
Cute, cute, cute!
This is the first time I've seen flatware like yours ... perfect for dressing up or down, elegant, but not too formal. I think I'm on a quest now!

I like the setting with the charger, but I tend not to be a less-is-more kinda guy! ;)

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Hey girl...just wanted to wish you a GREAT weekend my friend...Love ya sis...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

jerseygirl211 said...

Dear Lynne,

I do realize that we have NOT had to face anything like the problems you've had to deal with over the past months. Ours were all minor problems, broken hot water heater, which caused the wooden floor to buckle. A hole in the fish pond waterfall, which had to be replaced, and also a hole in the frog pond liner, which had to be drained and patched. This week my washer needed a repair, the belt had to be replaced. Thank God my husband was able to do the job, he is so good at things like that. Who would have thought that a Research Engineer had so many talents. :)
Life has been busy here with family guests, we get that every year since we live in a resort area, it's a lot of work, but we love having our family and friends visit.

Thanks for your 'appreciated' message. Hope things are doing better in your corner of the world.

Love & Hugs

Sue said...


Love your tablescape---I love bunnies--beautiful job.

Thanks for visiting by my blog today.


Four Paws and Co said...

They're beautiful & a set would have come home with me too! ☺ diane