Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Storms Aftermath

Monday was so windy you could barely walk out the door, the temperatures climbed throughout the day.
Late afternoon brought storm warnings for our area, turning into a tornado watch. I must admit I get a little spooked with storms. As I watched a little T.V. and visited on the phone with a friend her weather alert kept going off. She asked me if I had seen the lightning. I replied, "no". We felt it best to get off the phone. I took a walk out to the garage as I was standing out there the doors started rattling like I've never heard before. Then the sound was overhead, the sound of a freight train, I moved instantly inside afraid it was going to take the tree just outside the garage and push it inside and hit my truck. Then the lights go out.

I could see through the lightning strikes my tree line was hit pretty badly. The next morning after a very sleepless night this is what I found.
The trees were split torn and ripped out of the ground, the entrance into the shop was blocked.

The bicycle was laid over with a fairly good sized limb laying on top of it, the milk can
was lying across the drive.
My roof was hit once again. The last time was 2011 when the tornado hit Joplin. For a reminder of that experience, you can view it HERE.
I found the shingles here on the East side of the house. I'm hoping they can go back easily. I "believe" I have a few extras in the barn fingers crossed.
The cushion from the front porch was found on the East side of the house near the end of the garage.
The line running East and West was snapped and new poles had to be installed and the line rehung. This is directly behind my mailbox. It's amazing how many things you can think of to do when you don't have lights and they all require electricity to do them.
I drove into town this a.m. to check out just a couple of areas. This isn't far from me. The real estate building just to the right of the picture sustained moderate damage after someone's shed hit it and landed over in the church's parking lot.
The black tar paper is off the top of this old building. It was recently sold and the folks are planning on restoring it, they've already began repairs to the roof.
Tuesday I spent the day raking and picking up limbs. I had a friend come with a chain saw to help cut out the larger trees so we could pull them off to the ditch. I certainly got a workout in, I'm sore and tired my work is not done, I still have the front of the house, the East of the house and just outside the back door to clean up. For the most part, I fared well throughout our storm. They're saying we had a small tornado and I would believe it, many folks in town have damage as well as the outlying areas.

I thank the Lord above for keeping me safe along with everyone else. With all the damage reported there was only 1 major injury.

And..... they're calling for 1" - 3" of wet snow on Saturday only in Missouri.

Wishing all of you a super weekend.



Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh my word, so glad your damage wasn't any worse, things look bad enough. What a Blessing everyone was safe.

Deanna said...

Glad you're alright. Blessed to still have your home.
Storms get my attention as we went into the cellar on Monday.
Don't like tornadoes!!!

Blondie's Journal said...

First, I'm so relieved you were safe and are okay, Lynne. I'm terrified of storms and I can imagine how scared you were. We had some terrible ones 2 days in a row. I had the flashlight and candles out and stayed tuned to my weather apps on my phone. My husband and kids think I'm crazy.

The damage you have definitely looks like a huge touchdown. I hope your insurance moves fast on your roof and downed trees.

Jane xxx