Friday, December 16, 2016

Dressing Up the Master Bedroom for Christmas

You know that moment when you decide you're not going to take a lot of Christmas out and before you know it, the house is happy and full of Christmas? That's exactly what happened to me. 
My game plan changed
when I decided to have a couple of girls in for dinner. I wanted the house to feel festive, warm and inviting. That meant a dash of Christmas in every room. I haven't decorated the Master Bedroom in many years. I have a weakness for Christmas pillows as well as winter throws. Over the last couple of years my stash has grown leaps and bounds. While out shopping a while back I ran across this fabulous rug. It was meant for the kitchen, a mirror image of the large rug under the kitchen table. It has more of a pile than I realized and it works better in the bedroom.
The plaid theme took off on it's own this year. I already had the red and white pillow ticking pillow (the other side boasts an adorable Santa). While out shopping the day of the rug find I found the perfect squared plaid pillow and the adorable pillow with the stockings hanging on a string.
The top of the dresser got all decked out with some greenery and new ornaments from Nell Hill's. My love and affection for ornaments run deep. It's another one of those times I have to have a long hard talk with myself and say NO to any more ornaments. Guess self didn't listen that day.
I nestled the Merry Christmas ornaments in the greenery with some bright red glass ornaments found in my shop.
Working the greenery in the form of a spray and nestling ornaments is a quick and easy fix to add some Christmas cheer to any area of your home.
 I've had this pillow for a couple of years, it found a home on the bench at the end of the bed.

I didn't go over the top in the Master Bedroom, just  a few touches here and there to make this room feel cozy for the holidays. Are you still decorating or have your wrapped it up and sitting back with a cup of coffee and cookie enjoying your beautiful Christmas decor? I hope you'll swing back in a day or so for the updated decorating to the Library.

Fondly ~ Lynne ~

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