Thursday, March 24, 2016

The Breakfast Room Reveal

When putting a room together there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. Which direction do I want to take the room. What feeling do you want the room to throw off? What color do I want to predominately be the vocal point? Do I want to make it to have a causal feel? Are do I want it to be more on the fancy side? 

These are all
questions I asked myself before and during the Reno work going on around my home. From the beginning I knew the color blue with accents of white and cream were going to be the dominate color. The furniture was going to stay. With it being a few years old, it's still in great shape and I love it.

With the furniture staying I knew I wanted to choose a new rug to go underneath the table. The search was on and daunting. As per previous post it's been said I live in a bubble. I haven't checked prices on large accessories in many years. The previous rug was dark, still in great shape but I was needing lighter and brighter in my life. You can view the post on searching for a rug HERE.  During the search the criteria was blue and white, had to be a certain size, wool and most certainly pet friendly. I feel as though all of those items were met.
What a difference a little hard work makes. The scrapping of the ceilings are all complete, the room seems taller and brighter and more than anything has a clean fresh smell. I tried a couple different arrangements to the room, and this is the one that makes the most sense.

The queen of the house approves of the new rug.
I placed and replaced my blue and white pieces. During the clean out of the pantry I remembered a couple of pieces I hadn't used in a while. Bringing them out brings back fond memories.
The bunny picture hung in the library/dining room for years. Once I began putting the room back together I thought it would be fun to have it in the breakfast room for a change. For the longest time it hung on the wall with nothing underneath. The black table had been moved to the sun porch during the Reno and I liked it out there. After living with the picture hanging with nothing underneath it felt as though it was floating on the wall. It needed something to ground it's beauty. So, on a rainy Sunday afternoon I brought the black table back inside. I think it's the perfect fit.
The long cream table was purchased at an estate sale many years ago. It seems to fit perfectly between the two windows.
In the past Miss Scooter's basket of toys were housed under the table. Miss Scooter no longer plays with her toys, so I brought in the wooden box from the sun porch, adding the large blue and white bowl for interest.
Garden stools have so many uses inside and out. I have many around the house. I especially like this one at the end of the counter for extra seating and interest.
The rug from Way fair is so lush feeling under your feet. The color is more blue than gray as advertised. Once I unrolled it even with the difference in color I knew immediately it was the perfect fit. A bit out side my box of design, I have a tendency to lean more on the Traditional side. I love the light and airy feel it adds to the room. It's a happy, sassy rug.

A few details on the bottom shelf of the black piece.
Thanks for stopping by to see the reveal of my breakfast room.

Fondly ~ Lynne ~


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Lynne, I love it, such a pretty room. So light and airy and the rug is definitely the perfect choice. I adore that bunny pic, I always have, such a special piece. I hope you have a very Happy and Blessed Easter.

Pat said...

The new rug for your Breakfast Room is Perfect, dear friend!
I can relate to "sticker shock" and getting "out of your comfort zone"!
The same thing happened to me last Spring when "Mr. Ed" and I refreshed our Dining Room.
Miss Scotter looks a d o r a b l e giving her "Seal of Approval" atop the new rug!
Love the blue and white accessories!
This Breakfast room is "just right"!
Have a blessed Holy Week and Happy Easter!

Lady Katherine said...

It looks wonderful! I'm glad you have fond memories! I love the bunny picture there, it brings a whimsical touch?, which I love to add to each room! I just love the stool!

Christine @ Rustic-Refined said...

Loving the new rug! It goes great with your furniture pieces. I am really loving the blue and white color of it too, very pretty! So glad the Queen likes it, she looked really comfy :-)