Thursday, March 10, 2016

I Pulled A Few of the Bunnies Out

I'm in a bit of a hiatus with the Reno, not because I want to be. The counter top is ordered and due in fingers crossed next week. The new range came due to be installed after the counter top is installed. The flooring is causing more issues than I can say. I've called him twice a third time is coming up. I just simply need a yes or no can you come up with a solution that will work or not? These people that skirt around a direct answer drive me a little crazy. I'll share the range process in an up coming post.

While I'm in
limbo I thought it was time to bring some bunnies out and do some rearranging in the sun porch. I love taking a stack of decorating books to use as a prop for accessories. To kick it up a level I chose a heavy framed mirror as the base. Mr Bunny looks quite content leaning over the edge looking at himself in the mirror don't you think?
I carried quite the selection of these bunnies in the shop many years ago. This guy spoke to me and has been out in the sun porch for quite sometime.
With all the shaking of things up inside, the marble top baker's rack had to find a new home. I was in hopes of selling it. After I moved it out of the house it sat in the garage for most of the winter months. On my quest of redoing things in the sun porch I moved another black table into the kitchen and this piece landed in it's spot. I had all green items on the shelves first, they got lost in the mixture of greens. I have loads of blue and silver, the mixture of the two help take the sun porch to a different level.

Can you see the smile on it's cute little face?

The bunny dish is one of multiple  uses. I would love to hear how you might use this darling candy dish.

The bunny pillow was purchased at Hobby Lobby about 20 years ago. Peter Rabbit and all of his friends are sure enjoying the goodies gathered from the garden. The bright colors help add a spark of color to the black wicker chair.
Another hint of the blues on the marble top baker's rack. I'll share it in it's entirety soon.

Until next time.....

Fondly ~ Lynne ~


Amy at love made my home said...

Enjoy your bunnies! I hope that the work keeps going well. xx

Marigene said...

What a nice collection of rabbits. Love the candy dish...I might fill it with small candy eggs or a small lush plant.
Enjoy the rest of the week...spring seems to have arrived in our corner of the world!

Sarah said...

You have some great looking bunnies. '-)


What an adorable collection of bunnies and the vignettes are wonderful. I adore the bunny pillow and bunny bowl, perfect for some Easter chocolate eggs!
Enjoy your weekend.

Rue said...

There's nothing more frustrating than people that won't answer a simple question. I hope it ends up well, my friend.

Your bunnies are all really cute!

I hope you're having a great weekend!