Friday, February 12, 2016

You Should Be Here

Two years ago today you went away
It was so hard that day to say good by
I know you're in a better place 
Is it selfish of me to still want you here? 
I know you're in a better place.

You should Be Here.
Love and miss you every day.


Pat said...

It is not selfish to want the ones you love by your side.
Hold close your precious memories, dear friend!
May they turn your sorrow into joy!

Rettabug said...

Lynne, I noticed your blog on someone else's sidebar & thought to myself, I haven't checked in with you in ages! Obviously, it has been 2 years, since I didn't know your sweetheart had passed away. My deepest sympathies, Hon! My Ern died last year on Feb. 7th & I am just now getting back into blogging. I'm sorry I wasn't around to offer you a {{{HUG}}} during your deepest time of grief.
I'm glad to see all your remodeling activities & it sounds like you're doing well. Sending you best wishes for continued good health & happiness.


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Rhett, thanks so much for the visit and the kind words. As you know it's a different world we live in now. I'm so sorry for your loss, if there is anything I can do or say I'm your gal. I am enjoying the Reno taking the house from a we to a me. The hours are long and lonely this helps feel some of that gap. Sending hugs { } to you. fondly ~ lynne ~