Saturday, January 9, 2016

Remodel Continues, Progress Is Being Made

It's hard to believe I began my adventure a year ago this week, the adventure of scrapping popcorn off ceilings. It's come along way around here, even with taking the summer months off from the task I'm quite proud of where things stand today. 

The scrapping of ceilings is still a work in progress, in fact it's progressing quickly. This is a short hallway that leads to the guest bedroom. Crown molding was attached properly, nail holes were filled (I'm becoming quite adapt at filling the holes quickly and accurately) and a coat of polyurethane was applied. The chandelier was raised almost 4 chain links to make this part of the ceiling appear taller. I've become this person who doesn't really like things hanging over her head. 
The hallway
was re textured after the doorway was closed in, more about that in just a wee bit.
My ceiling guy did a fantastic job of matching the texture on the walls.
The door way that was previously here opened directly into the hall bath. Who wants to sit at the kitchen table and watch someone coming and going into the bath? Now it's all closed in and that my friends gives me more wall space to work with for displaying furniture.
The nasty black wire for the stove was previously hidden behind a post. You can view the kitchen before HERE. You can see the shape of the doorways before they were expanded as well as the post that set on the end of the island to hide all of the wiring. The wall to the right of the closed in doorway was once a pantry. After the demo the wall was exposed and looked as though some one had an attitude and beat the tar out of the wall, (happy to report as of this post that's all repaired and you no longer see what a bad job the builders did).

Look folks no more black wire, A clean and scrapped ceiling. Yippee Skippy! The shape, length and counter top is on the books for change, baby steps folks baby steps!
Dining room's old popcorn ceiling. Yuck, yuck, YUCK!!!!
Ta Dah!!! All scrapped, cleaned ready for my ceiling guy to come and do his magic.

As of this past week, all the ceilings have new mud on the seams, sanded and are ready for me to paint. We know what I'll be doing this cold weekend don't we? I know it might not be exciting to some but to me it's a dream come true. To see the post gone from the island with all the wiring done properly to code and out of view screams volumes to how my heart sings right now. The view is unobstructed. I can visualize the end results, oh I have a fair ways to go yet, but the end result is worth all the moving of accessories, furniture, vacuuming and dusting.  I hope you continue to follow along my journey as my small remodel continues.



Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Wow, you are on a roll and it is looking amazing. Great job.

Amy at love made my home said...

Wow! So much happening and such a difference! We have some of those textured ceilings and some of them are really spiky! We have got rid of a couple, but the others are here to stay right now, not so had as we have smooth walls. I hope that the work keeps going well for you and that you really enjoy the results! Looking good so far! xx

Pat said...

Oh, dear friend, to me that is no small remodel. That is huge!!!
I love that you have a more open feeling into your breakfast room!!!
I agree, totally, with closing up the wall!!!
When "Mr. Ed" and I have looked a model homes in our area,
the biggest turn off is seeing the bathroom stool as you are standing at the entrance of the house!!!
I'll be watching as your room progresses!!!