Sunday, November 1, 2015

Fall Foliage Around Our Hometown Square

Happy November everyone! Did you have lots of trick or treaters last night? Can you even believe October has come and gone? I know many of us say it, boy this year has sure flown.  
I haven't taken off and gone for just a ride in a very long time, usually I have a purpose in mind. This particular day I grabbed the camera, off I went. I took many pictures that sunny afternoon, I'll share just a highlight of my day. 

Our small town of a little over 6000 residents is the county seat established in 1827. The court house is one of stature. Each year as fall approaches the trees share their beautiful foliage with all of us.

Being from a small town has it's advantages, the luxury of driving leisurely around the square is one of them. Like most towns the hustle and bustle around the square is long gone, the streets roll up before dark and the quite hush rushes in as our small town goes to sleep only to wake in the morning with the glorious presence of our Court House watching over the square. Are you from a small town with a square?

Fondly ~ Lynne ~


Rattlebridge Farm said...

Beautiful autumn colors, Lynne. And no, I can't believe it's November!! Christmas will be here in a country minute. Have a great week!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Pretty Fall colors!
Hope to get out in next few days to take pics of Fall color here. Not a lot to see last week, but then we generally have more in November.
Hope you have enjoyed the weekend.

Rue said...

Gorgeous Autumn colors, Lynn!

I finally after four years got our first real trick or treaters here. I was so excited LOL

I live in a town with a square and a courthouse in the middle. It reminds me a lot of the midwest :)


Betty said...

Your town looks so lovely. Hubby and I are going to look for a small town to move to when he retires. We are tired of big cities.