Wednesday, June 6, 2012

~ View From My Front Porch ~

You've all heard me talk about the time I spend on the front porch. I haven't shared this view in quite a while. The view is priceless to me, I can sit in solitude and listen to Mother Nature sing her tunes. Occasionally a rabbit, squirrel, possum, deer or even a wild turkey will take a stroll across the front yard. Miss Scooter isn't too fond of all those guests, she barks and carries on like she's going to tear the world up. The lead prevents her from getting close to them, that doesn't stop her from thinking she's a big dog. :-)
On Monday the guys came in to cut and bale the hay. I love the smell of fresh cut hay.
Let's rake things up.

The baling process begins.
Don't be alarmed, it's not your computer screen, it wasn't my camera , that's good old fashion dust. They sure kicked it up around here for a bit.

It's a beauty isn't it?
I'm sure you've guessed by now it doesn't take much to entertain me. We've lived here almost 14 years, over the course of time I've seen this process more times than I can count, I still get a kick out of watching them come in cut, rake and bay each year. After they leave I get to sit and look at this view.
hugs ~lynne ~
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Salmagundi said...

I grew up on a farm, so haying was a 3 or 4 time event every summer. Your hay field is beautiful with the pond in the background. As my Dad always said -- gotta make hay while the sun shines!! Sally

Bunny Jean said...

Hi Lynne!

That's my kind of entertainment too :)

I bet the pond offers a good bit of entertainment as well.

xoxo Bunny Jean

Lynn said...

While I was driving from where I live Northern CA. to where I used to live Southern CA, I saw an amazing sight. Someone had been growing hay in the median of Interstate 5, and they had cut it and bailed it and stacked it up! For miles! Now THAT's making hay while the sun shines!
I love your ranch? farm? I call mine My Ranchita.

Judy Ann Lincicum said...

Thanks, Lynne, for the trip down memory lane. I was raised on a farm and of course we went through this process once a year. My brother baled each year as a teenager and he had such fun showing his muscles that he developed from loading bales onto flatbeds. The smell is unbelievable, so refreshing, and then you sneeze for days afterward, but nobody seemed to mind. Our bales were square but I've always thought the round shape was much more pleasing. Thanks again, Judy

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Nice view! Is that your hay?
On my road trip a couple weeks ago I passed many fields with bales like that.

Lee said...

It is lovely. You are very blessed.

Nancy @ The Headmistress said...

What a beautiful view! How wonderful that you get to enjoy the wildlife from your front porch! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely sight!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Lynne,
That's a familiar sight around here too.
Thanks for stopping by.
Have a good rest of your day.

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

A lovely post and the smell of fresh cut hay is always wholesome and earthy. I am sure watching the wildlife is always fun. The pond is also beautiful.