Tuesday, June 19, 2012

~ An Oldie But Goody ~

It's been pretty eventful around here the past few days. Mr. P took a tumble after calling 911 and getting him checked out, he's bruised to beat the band and quite sore, for now he's doing ok. This happens a lot, each time scarier than the last, for now my heart is beating at a steady pace and life is back to normal as normal as it can be. Today he's having a good day so I thought I would take time to share another part of the office. I don't believe I've shared the wall the entertainment center sits on. 
The wall is 12' long and can handle a large piece of furniture. Because I run clients in and out like crazy there has to be a walkway large enough for them to get through. The other side of the room has the daybed on it with a wicker trunk in front of it. 
Many years ago I found this 3 piece unit and fell in love with the style and color. I think every room can handle a bit of black. The opening is large enough to house a pretty good size T.V. 
You can see my monster   dinosaur  ahhh Oldie but Goody. I would love to have an updated T.V. but there isn't anything wrong with this one, and to be quite honest I don't watch that much T.V. Look close and you'll even see the old VCR. Yes folks I see have an original VCR, I don't use it either, I'm not even sure it works any longer. Guess I should take the time to see if not it needs to be thrown away. 
Mixing textures, colors and sizes always makes for a more interesting vignette.The silver tray is part of my mother's tea set, it sits on a silver stand. Adding a bit of greenery breaks adds a bit of texture and color.
You know I love me some blue and white. I started collecting carpet balls or as they're called today orbs many years ago. I love the history behind them, the shape adds some interest.
 The dog figurines are one of my favorites.
The picture with our last name is a gift my daughter gave me after one of her many trips. She was in Chicago giving a seminar, looked up and saw the street sign with our last name, she knew I would get a kick out of having a street named after us, well not really but at least I know there's one street in America with our last name. :-)
The oval picture is one of Mr. P and his father, grandfather and his oldest daughter. Oldest daughter gave it to us many years ago. I'm honored to be the keeper of this great treasure.
Great details on the edge of the frame.
On the left side of the entertainment center sits an antique telephone table Daddy gave me many years ago.
Above the small table is an old map I ran across and framed.
A few details on the telephone table.
A few details on the right side of the entertainment center. The small table is actually an antique potty. I purchased the piece many years ago at the Kansas Center Flea Market, I recall giving $20.00 for this unique piece.

There you have the entertainment center in the office and the Oldie but Goody T.V. This is one of those rooms hard to take pictures in, there isn't any natural lighting, the light above washes a few things out. Hope you enjoyed seeing another side to the office.
hugs ~ Lynne~
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Blondie's Journal said...

Sorry about Mr. P. I hope he is well on the mend.

We have an old TV like that in our bedroom. Perfect size and works wonderful! I like your entertainment center and how you have arranged it. LOVE the dog figurines!!


Susan Freeman said...

Sorry to hear about the tumble. Hope your husband is feeling better soon. Love your dog figurines and the vintage map looks great in that frame!

Susan and Bentley

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

We have an oldie but goody in our bedroom...it weighs a ton...but it still works.
I think we have the same vcr....which is funny because i got rid of all the VCR tapes....who can figure!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Oh my - Sorry to read about his fall, and hope he is doing better.
When my home was broken into my TV was not taken and it was probably because I have one of the dinosaurs also, which is a good thing.
Enjoy your evening.

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Looking good! Love those dogs. I'm so sorry for what you and Mr. P are going through. It's certainly not easy.

Nancy @ The Headmistress said...

Hoping that all will be well with Mr. P; just dropping in tonight. Thoughts with you.