Saturday, May 5, 2012

~ I'm Wanting to Make Some Changes ~

We lived in our home almost 15 years now, trust me when I say there's a lot of up dating that needs to be done. I keep an on-going list of projects that need to be done, along with those I want to do. Are you one of those people that keep a written list, one stored in your computer, or is yours all in your head?

After cleaning off the patio in front of the shop I came in to cool off. We're having a blast of early summer humidity here, the water drips off of you while trying to work. What better way to cool off than to do some "virtual" shopping. Please join me, I would love your input.

One of the things on the list to replace are the mini blinds with some beautiful 2" blinds,  and you thought I was kidding when I said I had a lot of up dating to do. Yes, I still have the "old" style mini-blinds! Talking about living in the dark ages. :-))
Cruising the virtual highway I stopped at Lowe's and found these Levolour 2" Slat Plantation Blinds, price per each is $45.27. Yikes! I have to have 11 of these babies, that's a cost of $497.97 before tax. Guess I've lived in a closet the last few years, I had NO idea blinds were this high. Let's keep looking.
Next stop on our virtual shopping trip Home Depot. This is not my style at all, on to the next stop.
I decided to check out J.C. Penney's and discovered they're having a sale on window treatments. Since they've come out with their latest campaign you can get free shipping on most items. Yay! Love that. The cost of these are quite a bit better, for 11 windows $385.00 before tax that makes them $35.00 a piece. These are made of Embossed wood, no mention of them being a Plantation Style Blind. I think I need to do some more research to see if there are any out there that fit my taste and budget. If any of you have any suggestions I would love to hear them. Keep in mind most of my shopping has to be done on-line. I would love to be able to see them in person, but we live about 50 miles from the "major" shopping arena's in our area.
Thanks for stopping by to say hello. Your sweet comments always touch our hearts. It is because of you I do what I do. Until next time... Pin It


Glenda/MidSouth said...

I also have a list of things that need to be done and another list of wants, and right now nothing is getting marked off of either one. I am still in the dark ages - Still have the mini blinds. I have some odd size windows (3 diff. sizes) and when I checked into the plantation (2 in.) a while back, I decided it was time to come up with Plan B.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Jan Hermann said...

UpDating is fun - alot of work but fun!

I've had the embossed (to look like wood) white 2" plantation shutter look blinds. I got rid of them a couple years ago. I don't know the size of your windows, mine are mostly 48"x63" long. That in a 2" blind makes for a VERY heavy blind. Since I easily get contact dermatitis, these hurt my hands and bothered them so much that they went bye-bye. Just a thought. They looked nice, but they were stinkers to clean. It seemed anything and everything (dust included) stuck like glue to them. I had to scrub them (while still in the window) with a non-scratch pot scrubber and soft-scrub to get them clean. They looked fine afterwards, but they were alot of work.

Hope you find what you need.


thistlewoodfarm said...

I'm not really much of a list maker, but I have heard that you get so much more done when you make a list :) Thanks for the inspiration.


Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

Hi Lynne,
I love the look of 2" blinds and think $35 a window sounds like an amazing price! I'd go for it. :)

Have a great weekend my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynne! We've been in our house as long as you have. We're continuing to try to update it a little here and a little there. Don't feel badly, you're not alone on having mini blinds. We still have them on the back windows of our house. We have some big and odd shaped windows and to have the wood blinds customed it would cost a fortune. We do have the 2" blinds on the front that faces the road and ordered them from J.C. Penny and when they came in, they had their guy install them. He did a fantastic job and I love them. Maybe you could do like us and start out with the new blinds on the windows that show from the street! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I need to do some updating at my home also...but it's hard to find the extra money sometimes. I love the blinds and may have to spring for the four windows across the front of the house. hugs, Linda

Anonymous said...

I hadn't thought of putting up wood blinds till your post Lynne! I think that may be a solution to my dining room bay area-

Your not the only one with mini blinds- I just washed the ones I had in kitchen slat by slat- talk about a chore and o so dirty!

bee blessed

Sonny G said...

I got the 2 inch faux wood blinds from Penneys last oct. they are FABULOUS~! Not to mention what they do for the heating and cooling bill. I need to get another 6 to finish things off but I couldnt be more pleased with how they look and function.

good luck- cant wait to see yours.