Thursday, April 12, 2012

~ A Few Vintage Items for the Bookcase ~

Hi everyone, how's everyone doing this fine afternoon? When you live in Missouri you never know what kind of weather you're going to get, this year it's sure had a fickle personality. We've virtually had no winter, Spring popped out all over the place early, only to turn the air conditioner on one day and 2 days later now we have the heat on, it sure can't make up it's mind.
Cloudy days make me want to clean like crazy and move a few things around. Goodness only knows I should be at the desk working on paperwork, in between stages I've got to get up and move around. Taking a short tour of the office I realized I hadn't shown you the few changes I've made in the center bookcase. I'm rolling over in my mind to paint or stain the big black beast. Goodness I must be looking for something to do to tackle that gi-normous thing.
Over this past year I've introduced blue back into the home. Many pieces have been stored away, I felt it was time they took their rightful homes out where I could enjoy them. Blue transferware is such a timeless item to have around, I'm wondering why I even put them away or sold tons of it in the Auction. Boy I was not bright! Now, now, no side comments on my brightness. :-)
The gi-normous black bookcase was brought from our previous home, being of cedar you couldn't clean it, so I've painted it a few colors the last of which is the stained black. I sanded off the edges and have yet to stain it with my provincial color stain. Quite large in size it's become a fun piece to decorate.
For Christmas I received this "gorgeous" silver bowl. After opening it up my girlfriend and I promptly got busy taking the bookcase's previous beauties out and starting over to include the rose edged silver bowl. That required shopping the house to add in a few more pieces of silver. I had already pulled the dust jackets off all the books and started grouping the ones I wanted to take center stage.

I've gone crackers over silver trophies. Man alive they can be quite expensive. Not to be detoured I've stuck it out on EBay to bid and win a couple of them at very reasonable prices. This win was $22.00 including shipping. Well worth the wait in my book.
A closer look of the silver rose edged bowl.

The rose vase was a gift I'd given my Betty for her birthday, when she passed I was fortunate to get it back. I love having it here in the office where I can enjoy it's beauty each day. The silver pheasant was purchased last fall at Nell Hill's while on outing with my daughter.
The silver butter dish another gift from my girlfriend, takes center stage on top the transferware box.

Close up of it's beauty. Can we ever have enough blue? Gosh, I don't think so. lol
The flow blue plate is another EBay win a while back. Silver and blue mixed with old books

I love adding family pictures to my vignettes. Yikes!!!! That's Mr. P, my daughter and myself almost 34 years ago.. Wowser! have we changed or what? My daughter is all grown up with children of her own, Mr P and myself well let's just say we've changed and leave it that. lol
A few more shots of other areas on the shelves.

I hope you didn't hit the overload button with all the pictures, guess once I started I just couldn't stop. :-))
Thanks for swinging in to say hello, your comments always touch our hearts.
Until next time....


Dolores said...

I love the beautiful cabinet and especially the color it's been painted.
You have so many interesting and beautiful pieces to decorate with.....and of course, you know how to place each item in the perfect spot!!!
I love the family picture!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Love your vignette, so beautiful. You do have such pretty pieces and all of the silver is gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Everything is lovely, but that blue and white box is exquisite!! I love blue and DO make the cutes vignettes!

Jeanie said...

I do love looking at people's shelves -- and yours are so tidy, you can see what's there! I confess, I am a creature of clutter! What a nice display!