Monday, February 13, 2012

~ Finally It Snows ~

We finally have snow! Yippee Skippy! I was really beginning to wonder if we would see any of this white stuff this year. It is gorgeous... from the inside out! :-) We had so much the last 2 years everyone around here was pretty tired of the white stuff. I love to see all the beautiful formations that come with the snow fall, the magic that develops with each snowflake.

Miss Scooter made her rounds outside first thing, didn't last long, she's one spoiled pup. She doesn't care to get her feet wet.
For all of you traveling to work or other destinations, please be cautious, they say the roads are slick.
Until next time....


Salmagundi said...

You know that I sent that snow your way!!! We had it here last week through Saturday night. Sunshine and warm here today -- sending it your way. Take care, Sally

bee bon said...

So cool and beautiful photography.
bee x