Tuesday, May 17, 2011

~ Starting to Fill In ~

Today is another day filled with sunshine and Spring like temperatures in our area of Missouri.
Before we begin with today's post I have to say I was so embarrassed and grateful after receiving an email from a friend. On Monday's post I made a huge spelling error. Normally before I hit publish post I've looked back over my post like a gillion times for errors, and then change wording and so on. Sunday I obviously didn't do that. The post was titled Suttle Bench Changes. Wow! Suttle? Really? Come on Lynne, we know you can spell better than that. SUBTLE, is the way it should have read. Mona, thank you for caring enough to send me an email. Trust me from here on out, I'll sure proof my posts a lot closer before hitting publish. :-))
Now, on with today's post. The wheelbarrow sits in front of the shop and was a gift many years ago from a client. I love it's rusty character.
Although it's been slow in coming I believe Spring is finally here. With the teasing of the warm temperatures then cool temps, my flowers have finally started to fill in. This past winter was pretty tough on a lot of them. I can't tell you how many things I've lost around the yard. Some will be replaced, others pulled up.
Volunteers in pots are always welcome. :-))LINKING TO:
Is anyone else having trouble linking with the little hyper links? For some reason I can't do that, or set the time ahead to post. I have to go back to edit and then hit post. If anyone else has trouble and figured out what to do I'd sure appreciate the help. Thank you !!!


Glenda/MidSouth said...

I go back and find spelling errors and typos in my posts many times.
Thanks for sharing your pretty flowers.

Richard Cottrell said...

Love seing your garden. I say if people read your blog to see if you spells things right, they should get another hobby. Thanks for stopping by. Richard at My Old Historic House

Gloria said...

Hello, Lynne! Thanks for being my newest Follower! And now I am YOUR newest Follower ;)
Love your flowers, and REALLY love your bench/pillows/porch in your "Subtle/Suttle" post! Oh, everything looks so pretty. My favorite colors are red and black, so I am in love with it. Great job... beautiful!

Dolores said...

Your garden is looking beautiful!!! I think we're all so happy and anxious this year to enjoy our gardens.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love your flowers in the wheelbarrow! So pretty! I have several friends that we always let each other know if there is a spelling error in our posts. I look at mine several times but I still miss stuff. Glad someone let you know also! hugs, Linda

Honey at 2805 said...

Your flowers are beautiful! And so is the photography!

Ebie said...

What a beautiful garden! Your flowers are just beautiful settled in that wheel barrow!

Enjoy spring and the lovely blooms!

My entry is here:


FjÀllripan said...

Great idea to put flowers in an old wheelbarrow. Lovely flowers to.
Error spells can happen, but it can be rather embarassing...;)

Linda said...

Simply beautiful! We can't grow fushias here because it gets way too hot in the summer...yours are so pretty! Love the wheelbarrow:0)

Clarissa said...

Your garden looks beautiful and I adore your photography!


Happy OW!

Picket said...

Morning girl...loovvvveee that old rusty wheel barrel and I think us folks in my neck of the woods use the 'suttle' spelling...lol Girl there is no telling how many times I spell things wrong..I don't even know if or where a spell checker thingy is on my computer! lol lol We are still cleaning out flower beds around here so much got destroyed when the renters were here...but it has allowed us to open up the back yard alittle more..thanks for coming by girl...you take care and have a great week..Picket

Light and Voices said...

Hey, we are all human. If we aren't making mistakes; we aren't learning. Looks like Spring has sprung at your place. Lovely! See you next week.
Joyce M

lvroftiques said...

Lynne I love that rusty wheelbarrow planter! It has so much character! Things sure look beautiful there in Missouri.
We're finally getting our first days of sun here in Western Wash. I can't wait to see flowers!
And no matter how many times I seem to check, I still manage to misspell some words and it's so embarrassing! So don't feel bad. *winks*...But please point it out to me if you see it on my blog OK? Vanna

KK said...

Your flowers are so pretty. I love the red and white columbines--I have a few and was so happy with a few volunteers last year. One survived and has been blooming for over a month now. I see one volunteer this year. I read your post last week and didn't catch the error. I understand your embarassment though. Is it a blog no-no to fix an error after publishing?

LindyLouMac said...

Hi there, I am calling by today as I am busy catching up with all the blogs I missed reading while I was away, especially other Outdoor Wednesday participants. Glorious flowers and I like the wheelbarrow!