Friday, July 2, 2010

Hooray for the Red White and Blue

As the Fourth of July quickly approaches, I'm sure many of you are preparing for picnics and other outdoor activities. I hope to be fishing, or just enjoying a book on the front porch.

I thought I might share just a wee bit of Americana items I have left in the shop. Come on in.
Just inside the shop door you'll find a table loaded with Americana decor.

Don't you love the rustic charm of the picture with the old teddy bear?
Mr. Rooster proudly struts his stuff front and center, flanked by the star candle.
Eggs decorated Americana style and a porcelain doll round out the vignette.
Isn't she a cutie??

An old box filled with greenery is the perfect prop for Old Glory and the old metal star.

I hope you enjoyed this short tour of the Americana in the shop.
Many of you know I work another job along with running my own shop. Do I meet myself coming and going, you bet your sweet patooties I do.
Let's head over to Annie's Furniture and Gifts and I'll share with you a small part of the Americana items you'll find.
The twig chandelier is easily decorated for the seasons. Inside you'll find geraniums, forsythia twigs along with a variety of other items.

Nothing says Fourth of July like the American Flag. We've placed the set of 3 through out the vignette, I love the way it pokes through the twigs.

A lantern is perfect for holding a candle or a variety of other items. Through out the store you'll find some with bird's nest or pictures. I'll hush now and let you enjoy the tabletop vignette. :-))

Time for one last look at the beautiful farm table all decked out for the Fourth of July.
Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed your visit to both shops. Hope I didn't wear you out too much. Stay tuned for news on another shopping tour through out the shop. I'm still working on some display pieces, I hope you'll be pleased with the changes.. :-)) If you're ever in our area, please stop by both shops, you never know which one you'll find me at.. lol
hugs ~lynne~


Glenda/MidSouth said...

I have a feeling I could do a lot of damage to my bank account if I visited your shops. :)
Have a Happy 4th!

PAT said...

I love that twig chandelier!! The rooster too, and everything else.

Happy 4th of July, Lynne!

Pinky said...

Lynne, just where are the 2 shops? I want to know JUST in case I ever get there!!!! Loved the tour! Thanks so much and I hope you catch a fish and get some reading done:):) XO, Pinky

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love the displays and such cute items. I love the star and the OLD GLORY! Have a great 4th!

Cathy~Mille Fleur said...

What beautiful patriotic displays! I love all of the flags...yay for Old Glory!

Happy 4th!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Lynne, everything looks just gorgeous. I hope you have a super fantastic 4th. Relax and enjoy. Hugs, Marty


Lynne, those shops are wonderful. I was at Annie's years ago....I definitely think I need to revisit that location and YOURS, too! I LOVE Americana during the Summer!!! Thanks so much for the great tours!! L, Dana

xinex said...

Happy 4th, Lynne! You really are the Queen of vignettes even in your shop. I love everything especially the painted patriotic wooden eggs. How much are they? Can you email me? Thanks...Christine

Four Paws and Co said...

I loved it all - just wish I lived close enough to drop by for a visit! ☺♥☺

Lady Katherine said...

I love the vignettes, and your store. I adore the rooster,and just love the Old Glory sign! Happy 4th

The Muse said...

Having the bones to build with is a plus, but honestly, girl, I imagine you could make old socks look good!

I agree your display talent is 5 star stellar!

Happiest 4th ever!!!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hi sweet friend... I would love to make a trip to your shop!!! I could nearly "clean" you out, Darlin'! Hehe! I just love when you post about your shop and show us some of your fabulous displays! Lynne, you are such a creative and talented are certainly a gifted "vignetter"...hehe, is that a word? I loved your "Americana" display...sooo many pretties! favorite, is how you got those pretty red geraniums to climb on that one display table! Love that! Girl, you know that I need that old green has my maiden name on it! Hehe! Thank you for sharing all of your shop pretties with us...this was such a treat, sweet friend!!!

I also love your pretty pink cone flowers! Isn't God good!!! So you never planted those? Hmmm...wonder how they got there? Wink! They really are pretty...and such a blessing! I think that they may very well be a reminder that God will always provide!!! Thank you for sharing them with us! Yes...I know that I'm on the wrong post for the coneflowers...just saving type! Hehe!

Well Sweetie, you and Bill have a wonderful 4th of July! I hope you do get to go fishing...or read a book...whatever your "fancy"!!!

Love ya,

Jeanette said...

So many lovely things. Have a great 4th.

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

That was fun! I went shopping and didn't spend a dime! That chandelier is so neat, and I love the way it is decorated. I don't know how you do it all, but you do it all beautifully! laurie